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Waging a two-front war: inmates during incarceration and social workers working on ex-convict rehabilitationin ChinaCheng, Shing.; 鄭誠.2009420
We are not completely Westernised': Dual medical systems and pathways to health care among Chinese migrant women in EnglandLee, MSY2006103
We Belong to Glasgow: The Thirdspaces of Youth ‘Gangs’ and Asylum Seeker, Refugee and Migrant GroupsFraser, AD; Piacentini, T201423
Welfare in Chinese state enterprises: managerial and employee response to state-mandated reformsKwok, Man-shan.; 郭文山1997203
Wenming chongtu, wenming duihua, wenming quanqiuhua [Clash of civilizations, dialogue of civilizations, global civilization].Palmer, DA2009154
Western-Sino intermarriage in Hong KongBurton, Michael James.1992530
What it feels like for a whore: The body politics of women performing erotic labour in Hong KongKong, TSK2006303
Where anthropology meets Diaspora atudies: Some considerations for emigrant village (Qiaoxiang) studiesKuah-Pearce, KE200491
Where anthropology meets Diaspora studies: Some considerations for emigrant village (Qiaoxiang) studiesKuah-Pearce, KE200274
Where anthropology meets diaspora studies: Some considerations in Qiaoxiang studiesKuah-Pearce, KE2005184
Where China meets Southeast Asia: social & cultural change in the border regionsEvans, GRJ; Hutton, CM; Kuah-Pearce, KE2000108
Where Has the Secret Garden Gone? Older Gay Men’s Negotiation of Queer Space in Colonial and Postcolonial Hong KongKong, TSK201198
Where Is My Brokeback Mountain?'Kong, TSK200685
'Where is My Brokeback Mountain?'Kong, TSK2009161
White collar crime: major bank fraud cases inHong KongWong, Yuk-see.; 黃玉司.1990611
Why did Free Radio Movement fall in Hong Kong? A case study of C StationYeh, JKH201138
Women and work: case studies of two Hong KongfactoriesChiang, See-ngoh, Claire.; 張齊娥.1984225
Women and work: opportunities and experiencesWong, TWP199599
Women in the Royal Hong Kong Police Force: equal or unequal partners?Ho, Lai-sheung, Cora.; 何麗嫦.1988325
Women in transition: from working daughters to unemployed mothersYoung, Mai-san.; 楊美珊.1999247
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