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Verstehen and the methodology of sociology: towards an understanding of Alfred SchutzChou, Wah-shan; 周華山1989278
Victims of childhood sexual abuse and later criminal consequencesYip, King-sum.; 葉敬森.2000252
Violence against women: a study of victimization reporting in Hong KongTang, So-fong, Loretta.2006577
Violence and Female Gang MembersLaidler, KA200082
Violence and Girl GangsLaidler, KA; Hunt, G199871
Violence and punishment in poor people, ChinaBakken, B2009148
Violence and Social Organization Among Girl GangsLaidler, KA; Hunt, G1997101
Violent Crime in ChinaBakken, B2007122
Voluntary organizations in the Chinese DiasporaKuah-Pearce, KE; Hu-Dehart, E2006103
Volunteer police and the production of social order in a Taiwanese villageMartin, JT2011103
Vom chinesischen religiösen Synkretismus zum Reformbuddhismus: Religiöse Modernisierung in SingapurKuah-Pearce, KE2008129
Waging a two-front war: inmates during incarceration and social workers working on ex-convict rehabilitationin ChinaCheng, Shing.; 鄭誠.2009419
We are not completely Westernised': Dual medical systems and pathways to health care among Chinese migrant women in EnglandLee, MSY2006103
We Belong to Glasgow: The Thirdspaces of Youth ‘Gangs’ and Asylum Seeker, Refugee and Migrant GroupsFraser, AD; Piacentini, T201423
Welfare in Chinese state enterprises: managerial and employee response to state-mandated reformsKwok, Man-shan.; 郭文山1997203
Wenming chongtu, wenming duihua, wenming quanqiuhua [Clash of civilizations, dialogue of civilizations, global civilization].Palmer, DA2009154
Western-Sino intermarriage in Hong KongBurton, Michael James.1992530
What it feels like for a whore: The body politics of women performing erotic labour in Hong KongKong, TSK2006298
Where anthropology meets Diaspora atudies: Some considerations for emigrant village (Qiaoxiang) studiesKuah-Pearce, KE200491
Where anthropology meets Diaspora studies: Some considerations for emigrant village (Qiaoxiang) studiesKuah-Pearce, KE200274
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