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Uncertain routes, uncertain futures: undocumented communities in Hong KongSim, ASC2010119
Uncharted Terrains: Contexts of Experience Among Women in the Illicit Drug EconomyLaidler, KA; Morgan, P199774
Underprivileged students who succeedLam, Ka-yan.; 林家欣.2006316
Understanding Human TraffickingLee, MSY2006852
Understanding Local Synthetic Drug Trends in the Global Context and Implications for Treatment: The Case of Hong KongLaidler, KA; Pianpiano, JF200582
Understanding Sheng Nu (“Leftover Women”): the Phenomenon of Late Marriage among Chinese Professional WomenTo, SSC2013152
Understanding suffering and doing compassion: the reach of humanistic Buddhism in ChinaKuah-Pearce, KE201228
Undocumented Indonesian workers in Macau: The human outcome of colluding interestsSim, A; Wee, V2009202
Unheard voice: migrant workers and formation of "victim pool" in ChinaXu, J201275
Universalistic humanitarianism in Mainland China: A case study of a French NGOGuiheux, G; Kuah-Pearce, KE201365
Unlocking The Spiritual With Club Drugs: A Case Study Of Two Youth CulturesLaidler, KA; Hunt, G201326
An Unruly Death: Queer Media in Hong KongTang, TSD201252
Unveiling the cloak of competence: Cultivating authenticity in graduate sociologyPuddephatt, AJ; Kelly, BW; Adorjan, M200653
Urban protests in Hong Kong: a sociological study of housing conflictsLü, Dale.; 呂大樂.1984389
Using cultural perspective to study teenage computer crimeYoung, Lap-ping, John.; 楊立平2002338
Verstehen and the methodology of sociology: towards an understanding of Alfred SchutzChou, Wah-shan; 周華山1989278
Victims of childhood sexual abuse and later criminal consequencesYip, King-sum.; 葉敬森.2000252
Violence against women: a study of victimization reporting in Hong KongTang, So-fong, Loretta.2006577
Violence and Female Gang MembersLaidler, KA200082
Violence and Girl GangsLaidler, KA; Hunt, G199871
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