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Tackling corporate fraud in Hong Kong: a casestudy of Sally Aw.Yau, Sin-man.; 邱倩雯.2000730
A tale of two industries: the restructuring of Hong Kong's garment- making and electronics industriesLui, TL; Chiu, S199459
A tale of two second cities: gangs and global exchange in Glasgow and ChicagoFraser, A; Hagedorn, J201220
Tapping into their social networks: Chinese businesswomen in the garment industry in GuangzhouKuah-Pearce, KE; Gao, C200498
Teachers, pupils and schools: a study of social class and school processes in primary one classes in HongKongChoi, Po-king, Dora.; 蔡寶瓊.1979206
Testing the global city-social polarisation thesis: Hong Kong since the 1990sChiu, SWK; Lui, TL2004100
Tethering Rehabilitation and Punishment: The Salience and Ambiguity of Rehabilitative Rhetoric within Canadian Youth Justice DebatesAdorjan, MC201079
The care or protection order in Hong Kong: isit an effective way to deal with children and juveniles beyondcontrol?Leung, Wai-fan, Priscilla.; 梁惠芬2002833
The causes of collective violence among vietnamese asylum-seekers in Hong KongLee, Ching-sze, Susana.; 李靜思.1992793
The Chinese surveillance state: on Social Management (社会管理) in ChinaBakken, B2012124
The construction of gender and morality in crime novelsCheuk, Siu-man, Maggie.; 卓紹雯2000210
The control of pirated compact discs products in Hong Kong: does penalization of consumers work?Wu, Wai-han, Heidi.; 胡慧嫻.2000247
The crisis of social theory and its aftermath: reflections on the role of social theorists asintellectualsLau, Chi-lai.; 劉子禮1993268
The decline of criminology?: a postmodernist critiqueChuk, Wing-hung, Keswick.; 竺永洪.1998402
The detection of deception in cross-cultural settings: the effects of training and language on lie detectionability in Hong Kong ChineseCheng, Hiu-wan, Keens.; 鄭曉韻.2004582
The development and implementation of the strategic trade control system in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: an exploratory studyYiu, Lo.; 姚魯.2000130
The development of the forensic services in Hong KongChan, Man-fai.; 陳文輝.1992419
The effectiveness of the methadone treatment programme and its implications on the anti-drug policy of the HKSAR GovernmentWong, Yiu-kwong; 黃耀光.2000226
The feasibility of privatizing prisons in Hong KongYu, King-lun, Sunny.; 余經綸.2000188
The government and the clerical workers: a case study of labour-management conflict in the Hong Kong civilserviceHo, Kwong-ming.; 何廣明.1979196
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