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The Sacred-secular dialectics of the reenchanted religious Order - The Lingsu exo-esoterics in Hong KongChan, CSC200076
Sam Hui here and NowNg, CH2007157
Sapphic Shadows: Sworn Sisterhoods and Cyber Lesbian Communities in Hong KongSim, ASC2008138
Scandalous democracy: outlaw legislators and the police power in post-Authoritarian TaiwanMartin, JT201119
School deviance and the role of the discipline master in some Hong Kong secondary schoolsChan, Yin-chun.; 陳燕春.1990377
The Secret Garden: Older Gay Men’s Creation of Queer Counterpublics in Colonial and Post-colonial Hong KongKong, TSK201290
Senator Sir, Meet Susie Wong and the Inscrutable Fu ManchuLaidler, KA1998107
Senator Sir, Meet Susie Wong and the Inscrutable Fu ManchuLaidler, KA200580
Senator Sir, Meet Susie Wong and the Inscrutable Fu ManchuLaidler, KA200294
Sex and Work in a Queer Time and Place: Identity Politics of Citizenship of Male Sex Workers in China'Kong, TSK200971
Sex and work in the city: Shanghai's service industry and the Chinese Modern Project: an ethnography of Chinesehairdressers and Australian blokesBax, Trent Malcolm.2007582
Sex Entrepreneurs in the New ChinaKong, TSK201253
Sexual violence: perceptions and experiences of adolescent girls in Hong KongWong, Chi-lai, Teresa.; 黃志麗.2000244
Sexualizing Asian Male Bodies'Kong, TSK2008231
Shenzhen factory girls: family and work in the making of Chinese women's livesPun, Ngai; 潘毅1994391
Shifting Discourses on Heterodox Sects in Modern China: Imperial Orthodoxy, Revolutionary Ideology, Sociological Categories | Les mutations du discours sur les sectesen Chine moderne: Orthodoxie impériale, idéologie révolutionnaire, catégories sociologiquesPalmer, DA200872
Shiji zhijiao de Zhongguo fanzui' (Chinese crime at the turn of the millennium)Bakken, B200978
Shimokitazawa: Precarious Bohemians and World City DevelopmentSmith, CS201330
Shoplifting should not be dealt with by criminal sanctionNg, Ka-sing, David; 吳家聲1990262
The Singapore-Anxi connection: Ancestor worship as moral-cultural capitalKuah-Pearce, KE199962
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