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Panel Organiser on Overseas Chinese Voluntary Organizations: Localisation and Globalisation (Session 1)Kuah-Pearce, KE200169
Pangcah: the evolution of ethnic identity among urbanizing Pangcah aborigines in TaiwanThorne, John Francis.1997383
Parent's Choice: A Note on Parental Values and Social ClassWong, TWP2002108
Participation in protest: a comparative studyof two protestant workers' organizations in Hong KongCheung, Hui-kwan.; 張照群.1988224
Participatory action research with student volunteer groups involved in Post-earthquake Community Service in Chengdu, Sichuan: preliminary reflectionsPalmer, DA; Shu, MM; Christian, A2010105
Particularism and the Chinese social fabricBakken, B199668
The path and promise of fatherhood for gang membersMoloney, M; Mackenzie, K; Hunt, G; JoeLaidler, K200958
The Path and The Promise of Fatherhood for Gang MembersMoloney, M; Hunt, G; Laidler, KA2009112
Pathological Casino Gamblers and Big Winning Experiences in Hong KongLam, HP; Chu, YK2004120
Pathways to Success: Life Stories and the Hong Kong DreamWong, TWP200087
Perception of rape: gender differences in theattribution of responsibility on acquaintance rape victimsWong, Si-wan, Winnie.; 王詩韻.2000265
Perceptions and identity: a study of the Chinese working class in the reform eraHo, Tai-wai, David; 何大偉2000224
Perceptions of Policing in Hong Kong: Rule of law, political policing and tensions with Mainland ChinaAdorjan, MC; Lee, MSY201327
Pleasure imagination play in Hong Kong : a case study of the establishment of the PIP cultural industryRocha, Michelle Roberta; 羅慧欣201032
The poetics of religious philanthropy in postcolonial Singapore: state and buddhismKuah-Pearce, KE2006130
The poetics of religious philanthropy: Buddhist welfarism in SingaporeKuah-Pearce, KE200886
Police accountability: the role of the complaints against police officeKerrigan, Austin.1992280
Police and policing in MacauBlackburn, Andrew.1992211
Police as Linking Principle: Rethinking Police Culture in Contemporary TaiwanMartin, JT201334
Police Diversion Measures for Juveniles at RiskLaidler, KA200487
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