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National integration: education for ethnic minorities of the Lao People's Democratic RepublicFaming, Manynooch.2008227
Navigating liquid modernity and flexible capitalism: negotiating 'work', 'success', and 'character' in HongKongTo, S.C. Sandy.; 杜先致.2008353
Negotiating central, provincial, and county policies: Border trading in South ChinaKuah-Pearce, KE200075
Negotiating emigration and the family: Individual solutions to the 1997 anxietyKuah, KE1996101
Negotiating emigration and the family: individual solutions to the 1997 anxietyKuah-Pearce, KE199786
Negotiating masculinities: the story of Hong Kong young basketballersWong, Wai-yan, Dorothy.; 黃慧欣.2009282
Negotiating the Internet as a New Social SpaceKuah-Pearce, KE200475
Negotiating Transnational memories: Singapore Chinese in between the Ancestral Village and their Adopted Home' in Panel Theme: Narrating Migration Experiences: Social Memory and Identity in the Chiense DiasporaKuah-Pearce, KE200389
Networks, boundaries and class formation: a study of sociation patterns and values of the Hong Kong middle classesLau, Pui-yan, Flora.; 劉珮欣2001292
New arrival students in Hong Kong: adaptationand school performanceTang, Hei-hang.; 鄧希恒.20022,379
A New Girl in Town: Exploring Girlhood Identities through FacebookDean, MT; Laidler, KA201322
News from somewhere: youth crime, emotions contests and news reflexivityAdorjan, MC2010120
Norms of Harshness: Comparative Perspectives on the Death Penaltty in ChinaBakken, B200682
Norms, values and cynical games with party ideologyBakken, B200270
Nurturing a Culture of Giving: Preliminary Reflections on the Role of ReligionPalmer, DA201137
Nurturing a culture of giving: some preliminary thoughts on the role of religionPalmer, DA201229
Of Gods, ancestors and hungry ghostsKuah-Pearce, KE198946
Official Rhetoric and Persistent Reality in Troublesome Behavior: The Missing Children's IssueLaidler, KA; Chesney-Lind, M199674
On models, modelling and the exemplaryBakken, B200999
On the margins with heroin use: generational perspectivesLau, GL; Laidler, KA; Li, NL2010127
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