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Macau, crime and the casino stateLeong, Veng-mei.20011,340
Mainland migrant sex workers in Hong Kong: a sociological studyKo, Siu-lan.; 高小蘭2003664
Maintaining ethno-religious harmony in SingaporeKuah, KE1998140
Making and using pop music in Hong KongWong, Chi-chung, Elvin.; 黃志淙.1997772
Making artist neighbourhoods: production of urban space and culture in Hong Kong and TaipeiTang, Siu-fan.; 鄧少芬.2012119
Making gender: schools, families and young girls in Hong KongChan, Anita Kit-wa.; 陳潔華.1996367
Making home: three generations of Chinese immigrant women in Hong KongWong, Wailing.; 王惠玲.2008381
Making news: a cultural study of the text, production and political implication of Apple Daily and Ming PaoChan, Hiu-yun, Joyce.; 陳曉昕2002363
The Making of Hong Kong Man: Reflections on An Oral History ProjectWong, TWP2004101
Making sense of going straight: Personal accounts of male Ex-Prisoners in Hong KongAdorjan, M; Chui, WH2012171
Male Sex Work and SocietyKong, TSK201318
The Managed Body: The Performance of Erotic Labour by Chinese Male Sex Workers'Kong, TSK2007100
Management innovation and organizational performance: The mediating effect of performance managementWalker, RM; Damanpour, F; Devece, CA2011205
Managing long term prisoners in Hong KongKwok, Leung-ming.; 郭亮明.1998259
A market of distrust and obligation: the micropolitics of unofficial payments for Hospital Care in ChinaChan, CSC; Yao, Z201261
Market socialism in China: the case of middlemanagement in small-sized state-owned enterprises in ShenzhenHo, Pui-king; 何佩琼2003209
Marketing death: culture and the making of a life insurance market in ChinaChan, CSC201256
Marriage as a Business: The Bringing of Chinese to Japan by RepatriatesChan, YS; Chu, YK200479
Maternity and modernity in Hong KongCaplan, Victoria F.; 郭碧蘭.2005812
The Meaning and Gendered Culture of Getting High: Gang Girls & Drug IssuesLaidler, KA; Hunt, G; Evans, K200183
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