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La question religieuse en ChineGoossaert, V; Palmer, DA201224
La religion: culture ou contre-culture?Palmer, DA201012
Law and Order in the People’s Republic of China: Power Struggles in the Legal-Political Sector at the Time of the 17th Party Congress”.Bakken, B200899
Le discours sur les sectes en Chine contemporainePalmer, DA200611
Le protestantisme en ChinePalmer, DA200611
Le qigong au carrefour des « discours anti ». De l’anticléricalisme communiste au fondamentalisme du FalungongPalmer, DA200215
Le qigong et la tradition sectaire chinoisePalmer, DA200350
Legal Mercy in Chinese and Comparative Perspective (refereed to be published)Bakken, B200594
Legitimate Force in a Particularistic Democracy: Street Police and Outlaw Legislators in the Republic of China on TaiwanMartin, JT201324
Legitimation and cognition: Western knowledge in 19th century ChinaTian, X201316
The lens of victim contests and youth crime stat warsAdorjan, MC200990
The lens of victim contests and youth crime stat warsAdorjan, M201186
Les danwei religieuses: l'institutionalisation de la religion en Chine populairePalmer, DA200982
Lesbianism among Indonesian Women Migrants in Hong KongSim, ASC2010105
A letter from Bangladesh - Developing gender-responsive community policing in BangladeshLee, M; Haider, SJ201271
Leveling The Playing Field Through Facebook: How Females Construct Online PlayspacesDean, MT; Laidler, KA201316
Leveling the playing field: reassessing gender and socio-economic disparities in online spacesDean, Mary Therese.2006352
The Life and Times of Asian Pacific American Women Drug Users: An Ethnographic Study of their Methamphetamine UseLaidler, KA1996117
Lineage and rural industry in South China: the case of TaishanChiu, Yue-tat, Franklin.; 趙汝達1995416
The Lives and Times of Asian Pacific American Women Drug UsersLaidler, KA200572
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