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Japanese popular culture in Hong Kong: case studies of youth consumption of cute products and fashion magazinesTam, Pui-yim, Jenifer.20021,338
The Jiao Rituals in Huanghua Township, Yingde City, GuangdongPalmer, DA; Tam, WL201170
Judicial crisis in Hong Kong: a case study ofCheung Tze-KeungTam, Shu-tong, Estee.; 譚樹棠.2000342
Just click on it: political participation and Internet use among Hong Kong lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communitiesTang, DTS200980
Just Every Mother's Angel: An Analysis of Ethnic and Gender Variation in Youth Gang Membership (Reprinted from Gender and Society Article)Laidler, KA; Chesney-Lind, M199797
Juvenile Delinquency and Restorative Justice in Hong KongLaidler, KA2008106
Juvenile delinquency: a step in the right direction ... ?Angus, D. I.2000501
Juvenile Gangs, Collective Violence and Triad Societies in Hong Kong (in Chinese)Chu, YK2001127
Juvenile runaway behaviors in Hong KongWong, Yuet-nang, Crystal.; 王月能.1998333
Juveniles and their moral reasoningLee, Kwok-chuen.; 李國川.2001337
Keynote SpeakerKuah-Pearce, KE200968
Kicking Back and Gangs: An Analysis of the Relationship between Alcohol and ViolenceLaidler, KA; Hunt, G199790
Kin networks and the plan to leave Hong KongWong, SL; Fong, E; Salaff, JW199588
Kinship and Community: The Ice Crisis in HawaiiLaidler, KA; Morgan, P1994234
Kinship obligation, economic calculating and entrepreneurship: the case of migrant entrepreneurs in suburban GuangzhouKuah-Pearce, KE; Gao, C2007116
La question religieuse en ChineGoossaert, V; Palmer, DA201224
La religion: culture ou contre-culture?Palmer, DA201012
Law and Order in the People’s Republic of China: Power Struggles in the Legal-Political Sector at the Time of the 17th Party Congress”.Bakken, B200899
Le discours sur les sectes en Chine contemporainePalmer, DA200611
Le protestantisme en ChinePalmer, DA200612
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