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Harshness norms and the death penalty in China changing conceptionsBakken, B200986
Heart Menders Radiating from the Chinese Diaspora: Chinese Women Buddhist Volunteers in Local and Transnational Caring-givingKuah-Pearce, KE201313
Hegemonic accounts of youth in Hong Kong, 1980-1997Mok, Hon-fai, James.; 莫漢輝.1998226
Heretical Doctrines, Reactionary Secret Societies, Evil Cults: Labelling Heterodoxy in 20th Century ChinaPalmer, DA2008129
Heretical Doctrines, Reactionary Secret Societies, Evil Cults: Labelling Religious Heterodoxy in 20th Century ChinaPalmer, DA201083
Historical development of the correctional services in Hong KongPoon, King-lai.; 潘景鼐.1988207
The HIV related risks among men having sex with men in rural Yunnan, China: A qualitative studyWong, WCW; Zhang, J; Wu, SC; Kong, TSK; Ling, DCY2006119
'Home and Away': Female transnational professionals and their construction of homeLee, M201326
Homicide followed by suicide in Hong Kong: a "hopelessness" theory approachChan, Ching-yee, Aris; 陳靜宜2004219
Homophobia: What is it? What are its effects? How can it be reduced?Altman, D; Aggleton, P; Williams, M; Kong, TSK; Reddy, V; Harrad, D; Reis , T; Parker, R2012136
Hong Kong GangsChu, YK2008334
Hong Kong heroin users: acquiring and managing the deviant identityLeung, Ka-bo, Corrina; 梁家寶2008381
Hong Kong Lifestyle Migrants in ChinaLee, MSY201319
Hong Kong Oral History Archives Collection - 179 interview records, synopses and an indexing system (from Oct 2001 to Nov 2004)Wong, WL; Wong, SN; Sinn, EYY; Wong, TWP; Yip, HM; Choi, PK; Pun, NGAI; Cheung, KY; Lee, V; Davies, W; Ozorio, A2006127
The Hong Kong social indicators surveys: objectives, practices and lessonsWong, TWP2009100
Hong Kong society: Anxiety in the post-1997 daysLui, TL199992
Hong Kong Triads After 1997Chu, YK2005193
Hong Kong's 1970sLui, TL201252
Hong Kong's Alternative Film and Video movement as an agent for socialchangeAu-Yeung, Shing.; 歐陽檉.2006484
Hong Kong's Middle Class After the Crisis (In Chinese)Lui, TL201172
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