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Gan-en (感恩) and Ye (业): locating collective compassion in the monastic individualKuah-Pearce, KE200966
Gang Girls in Hong KongLi, NL; Laidler, KA2009113
Gang youth, risk behaviors, and negative health outcomesSanders, B; Valdez, A; Hunt, G; Laidler, KA; Moloney, M; Cepeda, A201089
Gangs and Global Exchange: An Experiment in Comparative EthnographyFraser, AD201143
Gender and sexualityHuang, CJ; Valussi, E; Palmer, DA2011112
Gender differences in risk perception in Hong KongLeung, Ka-man.; 梁嘉雯.2001358
Gender, sexuality, and ethnicity as factors of club-drug use among Asian AmericansFazio, A; JoeLaidler, K; Moloney, M; Hunt, G2010128
Gender-bias in Hong Kong juvenile justice systemLam, Po-wan, Debora.; 林寶雲.2000255
The Gendered Meaning of ViolenceLaidler, KA; Hunter, G199962
Generating and Applying Spiritual Capital: the Case of the Bahá'í CommunityWong, ML; Palmer, DA201318
Genres of representation in Taiwanese policingMartin, JT201081
Getting a job in Shenzhen: personal strategies and institutional reformsFung, Kam-lam.; 馮錦霖1995216
Getting into the Gang: Methodological Issues in Studying Ethnic Gangs (Abstract and Summary)Laidler, KA199779
Gift and Market in the Chinese Religious EconomyPalmer, DA201317
Gift and market in the Chinese religious economyPalmer, DA201169
Gift and Market in the Chinese religious economyPalmer, DA2011123
Girl handlers: a contemporary look at 21st century Colombian pimping in Hong KongForrester, Ricardo Reinaldo.201292
Girls, Gangs and ViolenceLaidler, KA; Chesney-Lind, M; Shelden, R199767
Girls, Guys, Alcohol and ViolenceLaidler, KA; Hunt, G200068
Global Daoism and the predicament of modern spiritualityPalmer, DA2010103
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