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Facing the Future: Hong Kong's Return to China and Problems in the Design of One Country Two SystemsLui, TL2011152
Factors in Hong Kong airport customs stop and search decisionsChiu, JWK200879
A Fading Queer Heterotopia: Hong Kong Older Gay Men’s Queer Use of SpaceKong, TSK2012105
Falling in and out of the cosmopolitan romance: state, market, and the making of Shanghainese women'sromantic love experiencesSun, Jue; 孙珏201293
Falu renci guanzhi zhongxi bijiao (Legal Mercy in Chinese and Comparative Perspective)Bakken, B200778
Falun gong : La tentation du politiquePalmer, D200145
The Falun Gong in China: A sociological perspectiveChan, CSC200468
Falun Gong: Between Sectarianism and Universal SalvationPalmer, DA200118
Family dynamics and educational outcomesLam, Oi-yeung.; 林藹陽.2005466
Family history and household economic strategies: a study of post-war Hong KongWong, Yi-lee.; 黃綺妮.1995230
Family In Flux: Benchmarking Family Changes In Hong Kong SocietyKoo, A; Wong, TWP2009140
Female Expatriates in Hong Kong – Negotiating a transnational life and identity in a global cityLee, MSY201319
Female juvenile offending in the New Territories 1981-1991: changing patters of criminality and theircausesLee, Tak-yu.; 李德裕.1992205
Final Report on the Evaluation of 4th Employment Symposium for Reintegration of Ex-offenders. Correctional Services Department, Hong Kong GovernmentLaidler, KA200779
Flow of moral obligations: Chinese women feeding their ancestorsKuah-Pearce, KE200854
Flow of moral-indebtedness: Chinese women feeding their ancestorsKuah-Pearce, KE2008399
The flow of the traders' goddess: Tianhou in nineteenth- and twentieth-century AmericaHuang, YD; Johnson, K201266
The flow of traders’ God: Mazu worship from southeast China to the Chinese DiasporaKuah-Pearce, KE; Huang, Y200983
Food and distinction in Hong Kong familiesCheng, Sea-ling.; 鄭詩靈.1996309
For life or for death: culture, state, and life insurance markets in Hong Kong, and TaiwanChan, CSC2008144
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