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Damaged hardmen: gangs, masculinities and social change in GlasgowFraser, AD201327
Dance drug scenes: a global perspectiveHunt, G; Laidler, KA; Moloney, M; van der Poel, A; van der Mheen, D201177
Dancing and Drugs: A Cross-National PerspectiveLaidler, KA; Hunt, G; Evans, K2002105
Dancing and Drugs: A Cross-National Perspective. The Future of Social ProblemsLaidler, KA; Hunt, G; Evans, K200289
Dao and Nation: Li Yujie: May Fourth Activist, Daoist Cultivator, and Redemptive Society Patriarch in Mainland China and TaiwanPalmer, DA; Liu, X201255
Daoism in the Twentieth Century: Between Eternity and ModernityPalmer, DA; Liu, X2012103
The Daoist Encounter with Modernity: Some issues in the History and Sociology of Daoism in the Modern EraPalmer, DA; Liu, X201248
Date rape: perception of college students on a University campusChang, Chi-choi, Alvin.; 張智才.1998569
De Facto Local integration: a case study of Vietnamese refugees in Hong KongLulla, Ravi C.2007295
Death penalty attitudes in ChinaBakken, B201097
Death Penalty Attitudes in ChinaBakken, B201054
Death penalty in contemporary ChinaChan, Kwok-wah, Andy.; 陳國華2000364
A Decade’s Struggle: Ideology, Frame Transformation, and Collection Action of the Chinese Falun GongChan, CSC201192
A Decade’s Struggle: Ideology, Frame Transformation, and Collection Action of the Falun GongChan, CSC201190
Delivering Welfare Services in Singapore: A Strategic Partnership between Buddhism and the StateKuah-Pearce, KE200574
Democratic policing with Taiwanese characteristicsMartin, J201223
Democratisation and the Hong Kong middle: class towards an integrative approachChung, Po-lun.; 鍾寶倫.1994291
Dependent industrialization: the case of the Hong Kong garment industryChu, Yin-wah.; 朱燕華.1988493
Development of deviant subculture and behaviour: case studies in a secondary school in Hong KongLui, Lai-hing.; 呂麗慶.1992278
DevianceLee, MSY200781
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