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Capital punishment in Asia, lessons from the People’s Republic of ChinaBakken, B201071
Care and control of juvenile deliquents in Hong KongLee, Shuk-yi, Maggy.; 李淑儀.1989231
Carving a niche in Buddhist Philanthropy: Chinese women and transnational religious volunteerismKuah-Pearce, KE2011106
Case study of young drug abuser in Tsuen WanWong, Man-cheung, Barton.; 王文璋.1998215
Categories and Politics of Religion in China | Catégories et politiques du religieux en ChineGoossaert, V; Palmer, D200847
Changing "cop culture": attitude to discretionary power by patrol officersTo, Yuet-ha, Julia.; 杜月霞.1998237
The changing moral economy of ancestor worship in a Chinese emigrant districtEng, KK199971
Changing opportunity structures : political concerns and sociological observationsLui, TL2011108
The Changing Roles of Women Officers in Public Order Policing in Hong KongHo, KK; Chu, YK2006116
Chapter 1: 'Introduction: Crime, Control, and Modernity in China'Bakken, B200594
Chapter 3: 'Comparative Perspectives on Crime in China',Bakken, B2005140
Characteristics of homicide in Hong Kong 1989-1993Ng, Fung-shing.; 吳蓬盛.2000258
Charity and Pilgrimages as Transnational Social and Religious CapitalsKuah-Pearce, KE200479
Cheap Labour Reserves & the Growth of Cities: Undocumented Migrant Workers in MacauSim, ASC2009102
Child homicide in Hong Kong 1989-1998Sham, Ming-yan.; 岑明恩.2005193
Children raping children: Contesting the innocence frame in Hong KongAdorjan, MC; Chui, WH201195
Children raping children: penal elitism and the contested innocence frame in Hong KongAdorjan, M; Chui, WH201275
Children raping children: Penal elitism and the contested innocence frame in Hong KongAdorjan, MC; Chui, WH201284
Chillin', Being Dogged and Getting BuzzedLaidler, KA; MacKenzie, K200081
'Chillin', Being Dogged and Getting Buzzed': Alcohol in the lives of female gang membersHunt, G; JoeLaidler, K; Mackenzie, K200072
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