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A community approach to fighting corruption in Hong KongFung Mau, Siu-kwan, Annita.; 馮繆少群.1989453
A comparative study of the correction of juvenile offenders in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, PRCCheung, Kwok-hong.; 張國康.2003255
A comparative study of triad societies and the Mafia: past, present and futureMak, Man-kee.; 麥民基.1988304
A comparison of juvenile delinquents in Hong Kong and ChinaNgai, Mei-wah, Phoenix.; 魏美華.1992241
A critical analysis of probation service in Hong KongCheung, Chui-lan.; 張翠蘭.1988455
A critical study of the professionalization process of the Royal Hong Kong PoliceHo, Sai-leung.; 何世良.1988238
A review on the Hong Kong detention centre programmeLo, Kwan-ki.; 盧君祺.2000450
A sociological study of authority in two secondary schools in Hong KongShae, Wan-chaw.; 佘雲楚.1994298
A study of psychosocial vulnerability in the process of criminal recidivism: implications for recidivismpreventionYeung, Cham-ming.; 楊湛明2002228
A study of the "Prisoners' use of violence against prison staff"Yip, Man-leung.; 葉敏良.2000285
A study of the adjustment problems encountered by new residents in a probation girls' homeChan, Sze-mun.; 陳詩敏2002231
A study of the occupational role orientations of professional family service social workers in Hong KongGeorge, Janet.1980223
A tale of two communities: the case of HunghomSze, Pang-cheung.; 施鵬翔2001221
Aborigines and Crime in AustraliaBroadhurst, RG19971,165
Abstract and Summary of 'Getting into the Gang: Methodological Issues in Studying Ethnic Gangs', for special issue, 'Etiology and Prevention of Drug Use: The U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Monographs: 1991-1993'Laidler, KA1991305
Accomplishing Femininity Among Girls in the GangLaidler, KA; Hunt, G2004135
Accomplishing femininity among the girls in the gangLaidler, KJ; Hunt, G2001115
Accomplishing Feminity Among the Girls in the Gang: The Paradoxes of Social ControlLaidler, KA; Hunt, G199875
Adolescents' perceptions of their risk-taking sexual activities in Hong KongChan, Chung-ho, Karrie.; 陳頌皓.2000326
After the crises: changes in social ethosNg, CH2005106
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