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Accomplishing femininity among the girls in the gangLaidler, KJ; Hunt, G2001115
Accomplishing Feminity Among the Girls in the Gang: The Paradoxes of Social ControlLaidler, KA; Hunt, G199875
Adolescents' perceptions of their risk-taking sexual activities in Hong KongChan, Chung-ho, Karrie.; 陳頌皓.2000324
After the crises: changes in social ethosNg, CH2005106
Alcohol and Masculinity: The Case of GangsLaidler, KA; Hung, G; MacKenzie, K200266
Alcohol and Masculinity: The Case of GangsLaidler, KA; Hunt, G; Mackenzie, K200393
Alcohol and Violence in the Lives of Gang membersLaidler, KA; Hunt, G200474
Alcohol and violence in the lives of gang membersHunt, GP; Laidler, KJ2001116
Alcohol and Violence in the Public and Private Lives of Female Gang MembersLaidler, KA199873
Alcohol Use and Abuse among Asian AmericansLaidler, KA200285
An anatomy of parole system in Hong KongChan, Tat-to.; 陳達滔.1990490
An assessment of the effectiveness of the probation order in comparison with the community service orderChan, Kwok-han, Clarence.; 陳國衡.1990236
An assessment of the historical origins and role of the marine police in contemporary Hong KongLau, Yat-hung.; 劉日雄1988367
An evaluation of police discretion: the case of the superintendent discretionary scheme for juvenile offenders inHong KongIp, Choi-ching, Amfium.; 葉賽淸.1990483
An examination of child sexual abuse in Hong KongJohnston, Colin Farguhar.1990557
An examination of the care and protection order in Hong KongLam, Shuk-wah, Grace.; 林淑華.1990311
An exploratory study of adolescent attitudes towards laws prohibiting underage consensual sexKwan, Hang-kay.; 關幸姬.1998290
An exploratory study of criminal activities and female offenders in Hong KongChau, Shui-hoi, Malina.; 周瑞開.1998243
An exploratory study of intimidation of adolescents using the lifestyle/exposure model of personal victimizationWong, Kun-woon, David.; 黃根垣.1992214
An exploratory study of the problems encountered by pre-discharge residents in a probation homeTo, Siu-ling, Tury Beatrix.; 陶小玲.2000172
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