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Quality assurance in construction by independent experts: A case study of the efficiency performance of state-owned enterprises in ChinaYung, P; Lai, LWC2009152
Quality Buildings, Conference - SpeakerRowlinson, SM1999111
Quality Relationships: Partnering in the Construction Supply ChainMatthews, J; Pellew, L; Phua, FTT; Rowlinson, S2000483
The quest for quality in public housing projects: A behaviour-to-outcome paradigmLiu, AMM200369
Racial segregation by legislative zoning and company law: An empirical Hong Kong studyLai, LWC; Kwong, VWC2012167
Rainfall-runoff modeling using artificial neural network coupled with singular spectrum analysisWu, CL; Chau, KW2011117
The ranking of construction management journalsWing, CK1997478
Rational under-pricing in bidding strategy: A real options modelYiu, CY; Tam, CS2006107
Re-defining the scope of facility managementTang, Siu-ting, Loretta.; 鄧小婷.2007530
Real estate agency in China in the information ageLi, LH; Wang, C2006151
Real Estate and Capital Structure Decisions – Lease Versus Buy AnalysisPretorius, FIH; Ho, M20033
Real Estate Appraisal and Analysis (in ChineseLi, LH1996117
Real Estate Cycles and Government Behaviour in Hong KongLi, LH2004141
Real estate development analysis in ChinaLi, LH1996815
Real estate development opportunities in Shanghai: a reproduction of the Hong Kong modelNg, S. K.; 吳樹強1994393
Real Estate Development With Financial Frictions And Collateralized DebtJ, Shen; Pretorius, FIH20126
Real estate investment trusts (REITs) in China: with Hong Kong REITs as an approachYu, Siyuan.; 俞思渊.2007578
Real estate laws in China: past, present and futureLeung, HF; Chau, KW; Ho, DCW1996107
The Real Estate Market and Land Use Rights Reforms in ChinaLi, LH; Walker, A1994117
Real Estate Networking, Invited Plenary Session PaperChau, KW200298
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