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X-chromosome trinucleotide repeats: effects on brain structureDaly, EM; Moore, CJ; McAlonan, GM; Murphy, K; Davies, KE; Urphy, DGM2000128
X-chromosome trinucleotide repeats: effects on brain structure (British Human Genetics Conference, Abstract 4.12)Moore, CJ; Daly, EM; McAlonan, G; Davies, K; Murphy, KC; Murphy, DGM2000366
X-linked Tspyl2 deficit mouse is associated with a phenotype of schizophreniaLi, Q; Wong, KK; Wei, R; Lam, SSY; Zhang, X; Sham, PC; Chua, SE; Chan, SY; McAlonan, GM201281
Younger patients with colon cancer are more distressed: The role of body image and negative support.Lee, AM2004161
Ziprasidone - a review of preliminary studies on its usefulness in the treatment of schizophreniaCheung, EFC; Chen, EYH200191
ZnSe nanowires epitaxially grown on GaP(111) substrates by molecular-beam epitaxyChan, YF; Duan, XF; Chan, SK; Sou, IK; Zhang, XX; Wang, N200369
ß-Amyloid and corticosterone-induced changes to tau protein in primary cultures of hippocampal neurons.Tsang, AW-T; Wong, THG; Hung, CHL; Cheng, SY; Law, ACK; Ho, YS; Chang, RCC201330
你對自閉人士知多少McAlonan, GM201093
失智症的評估及檢查Law, ACK; Li, F2010233
失智症藥物治療Chan, WC201121
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