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We do suffer!': A cultural and gendered approach to perimenstrual distress among Chinese women in Hong KongLee, AM200265
We Do Suffer!: A Cultural and Gendered Approach to We Do Suffer!: A Cultural and Gendered Approach to Perimenstrual Distress among Chinese Women in Hong KongLee, AM200262
Weight changes and their associations with demographic and clinical characteristics in risperidone maintenance treatment for schizophreniaXiang, YT; Wang, CY; Ungvari, GS; Kreyenbuhl, JA; Chiu, HFK; Lai, KYC; Lee, EHM; Bo, QJ; Dixon, LB2011104
WHAP: Haplotype-based association analysisPurcell, S; Daly, MJ; Sham, PC2007116
What does recovery from psychosis mean? Perceptions of young first-episode patientsLam, MML; Pearson, V; Ng, RMK; Chiu, CPY; Law, CW; Chen, EYH2011146
What does recovery from schizophrenia mean? Perceptions of long-term patientsNg, RMK; Pearson, V; Lam, M; Law, CW; Chiu, CPY; Chen, EYH2008213
What does recovery from schizophrenia mean? Perceptions of medical students and trainee psychiatristsNg, RMK; Pearson, V; Chen, EEY; Law, CW2011178
White matter anisotropy in post-treatment childhood cancer survivors: Preliminary evidence of association with neurocognitive functionKhong, PL; Leung, LHT; Fung, ASM; Fong, DYT; Qiu, D; Kwong, DLW; Ooi, GC; McAlanon, G; Cao, G; Chan, GCF2006186
White matter dyconnectivity of cortico-stratal areas and the relation with executive functioning in never-medicated patients with first-episode psychosisCheung, V; Cheung, C; Qiu, DQ; Khong, PL; Chen, EYH; McAlonan, GM; Chua, SE200679
White matter fractional anisotrophy differences and correlates of diagnostic symptoms in autismCheung, C; Chua, SE; Cheung, V; Khong, PL; Tai, KS; Wong, TKW; Ho, TP; McAlonan, GM2009152
White matter fractional anisotropy (FA) in the assessment of treatment-induced neurotoxicity in childhood cancer survivors: association with neurocognitive functionKhong, PL; Leung, LHT; Fung, ASM; Kwong, DLW; Qiu, D; McAlonan, GM; Fong, DYT; Cao, G; Yip, LCK; Ooi, CGC; Chan, GCF2005110
White matter microstructure in schizophrenia: effects of disorder, duration and medication for electronic letter published: 'Is there core DTI pathology in schizophrenia? A response to Kanaan et al 2009'Chua, SE; McAlonan, GM2009105
White matter volume and anisotropy in very low birth weight preterm born children: association with cognitive outcomeKhong, PL; Qiu, D; Yung, AWY; Poon, GWK; Leung, C; Chua, SE; McAlonan, GM; Lam, BCC200665
Who wants a slimmer body? the relationship between body weight status, education level and body shape dissatisfaction among young adults in Hong KongCheung, YTD; Lee, AM; Ho, SY; Li, ETS; Lam, TH; Fan, SYS; Yip, PSF2011179
Whole exome sequencing identifies a novel mutation in the transglutaminase 6 gene for spinocerebellar ataxia in a Chinese family.Li, M; Pang, SYY; Song, Y; Kung, MHW; Ho, SL; Sham, PC2012177
Why are genes important? Family, twin and adoption studies; linkage and associationSham, PC201083
Widened pulse pressure is a potential risk factor for significant cognitive impairment among community-dwelling Chinese younger old peopleLee, AT; Chan, WC; Chiu, HF; Richards, M; Ng, SP; Hui, LY; Chan, WM; Lam, LC201335
Women's sexuality after termination of pregnancy in Hong Kong ChineseLee, KY; Wong, GCY; Lee, AM; Ng, ML2007282
Work-related stress among pregnant women with depressive symptomsLeung, SSK; Lee, AM; Chiang, VCL; Ngai, FW201190
Working with Non-Governmental Organizations in Early PsychosisTso, S; Lui, SSY201330
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