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Random number generation deficit in early schizophreniaChan, KKS; Hui, CLM; Tang, JYM; Chiu, CPY; Chan, SKW; Lam, MML; Chen, EYH2011130
A randomised controlled trial of brief cognitive behavioural therapy as early intervention for posttraumatic stress disorder after road traffic accidentWu, KK; Li, FWS; Cho, VW2008118
A randomised controlled trial on the effectiveness of screening and brief problem-solving counselling for elderly patients with undiagnosed psychological problems in primary careLam, CLK; Lee, PWH; Fong, DYT; Lam, TP2008130
Randomised trial comparing an interactive multimedia decision aid with a leaflet and a video to give information about prenatal screening for Down syndromeLeung, KY; Lee, CP; Chan, HY; Tang, MHY; Lam, YH; Lee, A2004132
Randomized controlled trial evaluating 1-year extended case management for first-episode psychosis patients discharged from EASY program in Hong KongChang, WC; Chan, HK; Jim, TT; Wong, HY; Hui, LM; Chan, KW; Lee, HM; Chen, YH201345
Randomized non-invasive sham-controlled pilot trial of electroacupuncture for postpartum depressionChung, KF; Yeung, WF; Zhang, ZJ; Yung, KP; Man, SC; Lee, CP; Lam, SK; Leung, TW; Leung, KY; Ziea, ETC; Taam Wong, V2012112
A randomized placebo controlled double blind trial of augmentation of clozapine with risperidoneHoner, W; EacEwan, GW; Williams, R; Falkai, P; McKenna, PJ; Clotet, P; Chen, EYH; Leung, SP; Wong, JGWS; Stip, E200596
A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial of Acupuncture for Primary InsomniaYeung, WF; Chung, KF; Zhang, SP; Yap, TG; Chan, YP200799
A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial of Acupuncture for Primary Insomnia – Preliminary DataYeung, WF; Chung, KF; Zhang, SP; Yap, TG200772
A randomized placebo-controlled trial of electroacupuncture for residual insomnia associated with major depressive disorderYeung, WF; Chung, KF; Zhang, SP2010360
Rapid Assessment of Infant Predictors of Adult IQ: Midtwin-Midparent AnalysesBenson, JB; Cherny, SS; Haith, MM; Fulker, DW199367
Rapid eye movement sleep behaviour disorder in a Chinese maleChung, KF; Wong, MTH199443
Rare inborn errors associated with chronic hepatitis B virus infectionZhao, Q; Peng, L; Huang, W; Li, Q; Pei, Y; Yuan, P; Zheng, L; Zhang, Y; Deng, J; Zhong, C; Hu, B; Ding, H; Fang, W; Li, R; Liao, Q; Lin, C; Deng, W; Yan, H; Hou, J; Wu, Q; Xu, T; Liu, J; Hu, L; Peng, T; Chen, S; Lai, KN; Yuen, MF; Wang, Y; Maini, MK; Li, C; Li, M; Wang, J; Zhang, X; Sham, PC; Wang, J; Gao, ZL; Wang, Y2012145
Ratings of temperament in twins: A comparison of alternate models.SAUDINO, KJ; CHERNY, SS199767
Rationale and the local development of early intervention for psychosisChang, WC201175
Rationale for food refusal among Chinese ptients with anorexia nervosa in Hong KongLee, S; Lee, AM; Ngai, ESW; Lee, DTS; Wing, YK2001101
Rationales for food refusal in Chinese patients with anorexia nervosaLee, S; Lee, AM; Ngai, E; Lee, DTS; Wing, YK2001135
Reaction time of the Continuous Performance Test is an endophenotypic marker for schizophrenia: A study of first-episode neuroleptic-naive schizophrenia, their non-psychotic first-degree relatives and healthy population controlsWang, Q; Chan, R; Sun, J; Yao, J; Deng, W; Sun, X; Liu, X; Sham, PC; Ma, X; Meng, H; Murray, RM; Collier, DA; Li, T2007164
Real-world implementation of early intervention in psychosis: Resources, funding models and evidence-based practiceChen, EYH; Wong, GHY; Lam, MML; Chiu, CPY; Hui, CLM2008116
Real-world implementation of early intervention in psychosis: Resources, funding models and evidence-based practice | Wdrażanie wczesnej interwencji w psychozie w świecie rzeczywistym: Zasoby, modele finansowania i praktyka oparta na dowodach naukowychChen, EYH; Wong, GHY; Lam, MML; Chiu, CPY; Hui, CLM200945
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