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Parathyroid hormone gene with bone phenotypes in ChineseZhou, XG; Liu, YZ; Li, MX; Jian, WX; Lei, SF; Qin, YJ; Zhou, Q; Deng, HW200365
Parent ratings of temperament in twins: Explaining the 'too low' DZ correlationsSaudino, KJ; Cherny, SS; Plomin, R200097
Parent-offspring resemblance for adult general cognitive ability in the Colorado Adoption Project.CHERNY, SS; CORLEY, RP; FULKER, DW; Plomin, R; DeFries, JC199660
Parental influences on Chinese obese children’s attraction to physical activity.Lau, WC; Lee, AM200283
Parental phenotypes in family based association analysisPurcell, S; Sham, P; Daly, MJ2005250
Parenting style and cultural influences on overweight children's attraction to physical activityLau, PWC; Lee, A; Ransdell, L2007246
Parkinsonian signs are associated with subtle functional deterioration in community-dwelling Chinese older personsTam, CWC; Lui, VWC; Chan, WC; Chan, SSM; Lam, LCW200863
Participating leisure and recreational activities and depressive symptoms among Chinese elder people residing in institutionsChui, Kam-chor.; 徐錦初.2006278
Paternal depression and anxiety: risk factors and adverse impact on infant attachmentTing, YY; Lee, AM; Leung, SSK; Chung, KF; Lee, CP201168
Paternal depression and anxiety: risk factors and adverse impact on infant attachmentTing, YY; Lee, AM; Leung, SSK; Lee, CP; Koh, YW; Chan, CY; Chung, KF201268
Paternal depression and anxiety: risk factorsand adverse impact on infant temperament and developmentTing, Yan-yan.; 丁茵茵.2012167
Pathway to care for patients with first-episode psychosis in Hong KongChiang, JCS; Chow, ASY; Chan, RCK; Law, CW; Chen, EYH2005117
Pathway to psychiatric care for older persons in Hong KongChan, WC201215
Pathways to care: help seeking pattern of thepeople with early psychosisChiu, Chim-keung.; 趙漸強.2003171
A patient with chronic schizophrenia presenting with multiple deliberate self-harm and genital self-mutilationCheuk, JTY; Lee, E; Ungvari, GS200980
Patient-clinician communication and needs identification for outpatients with schizophrenia in Hong Kong: Role of the 2-COM instrumentHui, CLM; Wong, GHY; Lam, CYK; Chow, PPL; Chen, EYH2008139
Pattern and determinants of burden in Chinese families of adults with obsessive-compulsive disorderSiu, BWM; Lam, CL; Chan, WC201291
Pattern of clozapine use in 64 consecutive patients in a tertiary care hospitalChen, EYH; Stubbs, JH; Staley, CJ1996132
Pattern of referrals to a community-based psycho-geriatric assessment service: a 9 year review.Lam, LCW; Kwok, CL; Cheung, YH; Hui, A; Chen, EYH199479
Peak-wide association study on chromosome 3p21 identifies the CACNA2D2 gene as a novel susceptibility gene for osteoporosisCheung, CL; Sham, PC; Chan, VNY; Kung, AWC200667
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