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JADE: A distributed Java application for deleterious genomic mutation (DGM) estimationLi, JL; Li, MX; Guo, YF; Deng, HY; Deng, HW200661
The KCNJ11 E23K polymorphism and progression of glycaemia in Southern Chinese: A long-term prospective studyCheung, CYY; Tso, AWK; Cheung, BMY; Xu, A; Fong, CHY; Ong, KL; Law, LSC; Wat, NMS; Janus, ED; Sham, PC; Lam, KSL2011136
KetamineLi, Q; Chan, WM; Rudd, JA; Wang, CM; Lam, PYH; Wai, MSM; Wood, DM; Dargan, PI; Yew, DT201342
Ketamine abuse and apoptosis in the cortex in monkeys and miceLi, Q; Sp, W; Wp, L; Dt, Y; McAlonan, GM200887
Ketamine abuse and apoptosis in the cortex in monkeys and miceLi, Q; Wai, SP; Lam, WP; Yew, DT; McAlonan, G2008114
Ketanserin attenuates cigarette-mediated oxidative stress in human bronchial epithelial cellsLau, WKW; Law, ACK; Ip, MSM; Mak, JCW2010171
KGG: A Systematic Biological Knowledge-based Mining System for Genome-wide Genetic StudiesLi, M; Sham, PC; Song, Y2008130
King, N.M.P., Henderson, G.E. & Stein, J. (eds). (1999). Beyond Regulation. Ethics in Human Subject Research: Book reviewsWong, JGWS2000209
A knowledge-based weighting framework to boost the power of genome-wide association studiesLi, MX; Sham, PC; Cherny, SS; Song, YQ2010556
Lack of association between the HindIII RFLP of the osteocalcin (BGP) gene and bone mineral density (BMD) in healthy pre- and postmenopausal Chinese womenMo, XY; Cao, CK; Xu, FH; Liu, MY; Li, MX; Qin, YJ; Zhou, Q; Zhang, YY; Deng, HW200465
Lack of evidence for a major gene in the mendelian transmission of BMI in ChineseLiu, PY; Li, YM; Li, MX; Malkin, I; Qin, YJ; Chen, XD; Liu, YJ; Deng, HW200445
Language Disorganisation in schizophrenia: validation and assessment with a new clinical rating instrumentChen, EYH; Lam, LCW; Kan, CS; Chan, CKY; Kwok, CL; Nguyen, DGH; Chen, RYL1996104
Late-life body mass index and waist circumference in amnestic mild cognitive impairment and alzheimer's diseaseChu, LW; Tam, S; Lee, PWH; Yik, PY; Song, Y; Cheung, BMY; Lam, KSL2009515
Learning and teaching communicationMak-Lieh, F; Lam, CLK201261
The legend of posttraumatic growth: A preliminary report on the effectiveness of Body-Mind-Spirit (BMS) intervention on colorectal cancer survivorsTang, VYH; Lee, AM; Chan, CLW; Leung, PPY; Sham, JST; Ho, JWC; Fu, YT; Yau, TK200587
Leptomeningeal metastases in disguiseLee, E; Kam, I; Tai, WK200775
Letter to the editor (multiple letters)McAlonan, GM; Lee, AM; Cheung, V; Wong, JWS; Chua, SE; Cheng, SKW; Wong, CW; Tsang, J; Wong, KC2005185
Letter to the editor - Characteristics of patients referred to an insomnia clinicChung, KF2002118
Letter to the Editor: The Contribution of a Cognitive Bias against Disconfirmatory Evidence (BADE) to Delusions: a Study in an Asian Sample with First Episode Schizophrenia Spectrum DisordersWoodward, TS; Moritz, S; Chen, EYH200690
Life events and depression in a community sample of siblingsRijsdijk, FV; Sham, PC; Sterne, A; Purcell, S; McGuffin, P; Farmer, A; Goldberg, D; Mann, A; Cherny, SS; Webster, M; Ball, D; Eley, TC; Plomin, R2001101
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