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Barriers and facilitators to human papillomavirus vaccination among Chinese adolescent girls in Hong Kong: A qualitative-quantitative studyKwan, TTC; Chan, KKL; Yip, AMW; Tam, KF; Cheung, ANY; Young, PMC; Lee, PWH; Ngan, HYS2008386
Behavioral and neuroanatomical effects of prenatal exposure to valproic acid in the mouse : relevance to autism spectrum disordersWei, Ran; 魏然201378
Behavioural and pharmacological study of an animal model relevant to schizophreniaZhang, Xiaofan; 張晓凡20134
Beliefs about cervical cancer and human papillomavirus (HPV) and acceptability of HPV vaccination among Chinese women in Hong KongLee, PWH; Kwan, TTC; Tam, KF; Chan, KKL; Young, PMC; Lo, SST; Cheung, ANY; Ngan, HYS2007190
Benzodiazepine prescribing trend after its inclusion as a dangerous drug under the Hong Kong Dangerous Drugs OrdinanceChung, KF1997213
Bilateral caudate caudate volume deficits in never-treated schizophreniaWong, J; Cheung, C; Cheung, V; Chen, EYH; Tsang, JTK; Yip, L; Tai, KS; Suckling, J; Bullmore, E; Chua, SE; McAlonan, GM2006118
Bilateral caudate volume deficits in never-treated schizophreniaWong, JCH; Cheung, V; Cheung, C; Chen, EYH; Tsang, JTK; Yip, L; Tai, KS; Suckling, J; Bullmore, E; McAlonan, GM; Chua, SE2006121
Bilateral recruitment of speech and language areas on a verbal fluency task using fMRI in Schizophrenic subjectsChua, SE; Cheung, C; Tai, KS; Lam, IWS; Yip, L; Chan, EKC; Chan, FL; Mak-Lieh, F2003109
Bioinformatics-aided discovery of Transcriptional Regulators of Chondrocyte Differentiation in the Growth PlateNiu, B; Tan, Z; Tsang, KY; Melhado, IG; Chan, D; Zhang, MQ; Cheah, KSE201238
Biological mechanisms of risk factors leading to Alzheimer's Disease and dementiaChang, RCC; Ho, YS; Wong, GTH; Tsang, AW; Poon, CH; Cheng, SY; Law, ACK; Chiu, K; Lau, BWM; Mak, JCW; So, KF201344
Biometrical geneticsSham, PC201059
Bipolar affective disorder and schizophrenia with first-episode psychosis : baseline and outcome study in Hong KongKwan, Hiu-fai; 關曉暉201347
Blink rate does matter: A study of blink rate, sustained attention, and neurological signs in schizophreniaChan, RCK; Chen, EYH2004122
Blink rate, neurocognitive impairments, and symptoms in schizophreniaChen, EYH; Lam, LCW; Chen, RYL; Nguyen, DGH1996155
Blockage of serotonin receptor 2 attenuates cigarette-induced IL-8 release in human bronchial epithelial cellsLau, WKW; Law, ACK; Ip, MSM; Mak, JCW2010205
Blood brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) expression in normal humans and schizophrenic patientsLiu, Ping; 劉苹2004424
Blood saves the brain: The neurovascular dimension of Alzheimer's diseaseLaw, ACK201155
Body dissatisfaction among Chinese undergraduates and its implications for eating disorders in Hong KongLee, S; Leung, T; Lee, AM; Yu, H; Leung, CM1996173
Body mass index and waist circumference among patients with schizophreniaLee, E200861
Borna disease virus - a study of seroprevalence and clinical variablesCheung, EFC; Chen, RYL; Galabru, J; Chen, EYH; Lin, CK; Saron, MF200280
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