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A comparison between the northern and southern crests of the 'equatorial anomaly' within the Asian regionPoon, Chiu-bong, Edward.; 潘昭邦1976209
A model for the production of galactic gamma rays above 10 MeVChik, Kin-hang.; 戚堅鏗1982199
A Monte Carlo study of the statistical properties of gamma-ray pulsarsin the gould beltLeung, Po.; 梁寶2003334
A new method of studying the ground-state properties and elementary excitation spectrum of superfluid helium at very low temperatureChow, Wan-ki.; 周允基1982258
A new UHV cleavage-evaporation and analysis system for the study of metal-semiconductor contactsXu, Xiaoliang.; 許小亮1996353
A novel design of a variable energy positron lifetime beamChen, Dan; 陳丹2007253
A novel sliding mode control method for induction motor drivesWang, Huaqian.; 王化謙1995316
A numerical study of Hodgkin-Huxley neuronsChik, Tai-wai, David.; 戚大衛2000307
A prototype raindrop-size distrometer and its application to Hong KongrainsChan, Chung-leung, Johnny.; 陳仲良1976241
A real space approach to LEED computation with flexible local mesh refinementSong, Weihong.; 宋慰鴻.2004291
A search for periodic neutrino signals and gamma-ray burst neutrinos with the Sudbury Neutrino ObservatoryTsang, Ka-vang.; 曾嘉宏.2005215
A study of Ag-110m in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems and the development of a radioecological modelShang, Zhaorong.; 商照榮.2001465
A study of atomospheric gravity waves in East Asia by investigation oftheir effects upon the ionosphereWong, Yuen-wah.; 黃元華1991165
A study of background radiation and cosmic muon detection at the Aberdeen Tunnel laboratory in Hong KongKwok, Talent.; 郭天能.2007264
A study of Bose gas at zero temperature and its connection with the superfluid phase of liquid 4HeFung, Ming-kong.; 馮明光1977178
A study of diffuse galactic gamma radiationNg, Tze-kau.; 吳子皎1989266
A study of epitaxial YBa2Cu3O7-8 thin films with a well-defined orientation and related topicsCheng, Tsz-lo.; 鄭子路1996180
A study of GaAs and CdZnTe by positron annihilation spectroscopyShan, Yueyue.; 沈躍躍.1997204
A study of geometrical properties of SiC and GaN surfaces by auger electron spectroscopyChan, King-lung.; 陳勁龍.2002385
A study of horizontal drifts of irregularities in the ionosphere by analysis of fading records from spaced aerialsShun, Dick-huck.; 沈迪克1968157
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