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Young pulsars and unidentified gamma-ray sources at the Galactic planeZhang, L; Zhang, YJ; Cheng, KS2000103
The Yuan Tseh Lee AMiBA projectHo, PTP; Altimirano, P; Birkinshaw, M; Chang, SW; Chang, CH; Chen, KJ; Chen, M; Chiueh, TD; Chiueh, T; Chu, TH; Han, CC; Huang, CW; Huang, YD; Hwang, WYP; Hwang, YJ; Jiang, H; Kesteven, M; Koch, P; Kubo, D; Lancaster, K; Li, CT; Liang, H; Liao, YW; Lim, J; Lin, YS; Lin, KY; Liu, GC; Lo, KY; Ma, CJ; MartinCocher, P; Martin, RN; Molnar, S; Ng, KW; Nishioka, H; Park, CG; Patt, F; Peterson, JB; Raffin, P; Romano, F; Wang, H; Umetsu, K; Wang, FC; Wu, JHP200895
The yuan-tseh lee array for microwave background anisotropyHo, PTP; Altamirano, P; Chang, CH; Chang, SH; Chang, SW; Chen, CC; Chen, KJ; Chen, MT; Han, CC; Ho, WM; Huang, YD; Hwang, YJ; IbãezRomano, F; Jiang, H; Koch, PM; Kubo, DY; Li, CT; Lim, J; Lin, KY; Liu, GC; Lo, KY; Ma, CJ; Martin, RN; MartinCocher, P; Molnar, SM; Ng, KW; Nishioka, H; O'connell, KE; Oshiro, P; Patt, F; Raffin, P; Umetsu, K; Wei, T; Wu, JHP; Chiueh, TD; Chiueh, T; Chu, TH; Huang, CWL; Hwang, WYP; Liao, YW; Lien, CH; Wang, FC; Wang, H; Wei, RM; Yang, CH; Kesteven, M; Kingsley, J; Sinclair, MM; Wilson, W; Birkinshaw, M; Liang, H; Lancaster, K; Park, CG; Pen, UL; Peterson, JB2009108
Zeeman coupling between the magnetic field and the internal motion of d-wave cooper pairsWang, ZD; Wang, QH2000148
Zeeman-split mesoscopic transport through a normal-metal–quantum-dot–superconductor system with ac responseZhao, HK; Wang, J2001913
Zero bias anomaly of a normal metal-d-wave superconductor junction in the presence of a Kondo-like magnetic impurityWang, ZD; Zhu, JX1997191
Zero-field precession and hysteretic threshold currents in a spin torque nano device with tilted polarizerZhou, Y; Bonetti, S; Zha, CL; Åkerman, J200985
Zinc oxide films and nanomaterials for photovoltaic applicationsDjurisic, A; Liu, X; Leung, YH201419
Zinc oxide nanorods and tetrapods: propertiesand applicationsHsu, Yuk-fan.; 許玉芬.2008546
Zinc oxide nanorods: hydrothermal growth, properties and applicationsTam, Kai-hang.; 譚啟鏗.2007714
Zinc oxide ribbon and comb structures: Synthesis and optical propertiesLeung, YH; Djurišić, AB; Gao, J; Xie, MH; Wei, ZF; Xu, SJ; Chan, WK2004187
Zn-impurity effect and interplay of s± and s++ pairings in iron-based superconductorsYao, Z; Chen, W; Li, YK; Cao, GH; Jiang, H; Wang, Q; Xu, ZA; Zhang, F201234
ZnO and TiO 2 1D nanostructures for photocatalytic applicationsGuo, MY; Fung, MK; Fang, F; Chen, XY; Ng, AMC; Djurišić, AB; Chan, WK2011348
ZnO nanorod heterojunctions and LEDsDjurišić, AB; Hsu, YF; Xi, YY; Ng, AMC; Tam, KH; Chan, WK2008259
ZnO nanorod/GaN light-emitting diodes: The origin of yellow and violet emission bands under reverse and forward biasChen, X; Man Ching Ng, A; Fang, F; Hang Ng, Y; Djurišić, AB; Lam Tam, H; Wai Cheah, K; Gwo, S; Kin Chan, W; Wai Keung Fong, P; Fei Lui, H; Surya, C2011195
ZnO nanorods for solar cells: Hydrothermal growth versus vapor depositionHsu, YF; Xi, YY; Djurišić, AB; Chan, WK2008331
Zno nanoshells: Synthesis, structure, and optical propertiesLeung, YH; Tam, KH; Djurǐić, AB; Xie, MH; Chan, WK; Lu, D; Ge, WK2005182
ZnO nanostructures for optoelectronic devices: from material properties to device performanceLeung, YH; Chen, X; Wong, KK; Ng, A; Ng, YH; Ng, AMC; Djurisic, A201273
ZnO nanostructures prepared by different methodsLeung, YH; Diurišić, AB; Choy, WCH; Chan, WK; Cheah, KW2004199
ZnO nanostructures: Growth, properties and applicationsDjurišić, AB; Chen, X; Leung, YH; Man Ching Ng, A2012230
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