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Washboard effect of the moving vortex lattice in high-T c superconductors: Numerical simulationWang, ZD; Ho, KM199654
Water Maser Survey on AKARI and IRAS Sources: A Search for "Low-velocity" Water FountainsYung, HKB; Nakashima, J; Imai, H; Deguchi, S; Henkel, C; Kwok, S201337
Weak localization of bulk channels in topological insulator thin filmsLu, HZ; Shen, SQ2011135
Weakly nonlinear ac response: Theory and applicationMa, ZS; Wang, J; Guo, H1999306
Weakly nonlinear and low frequency quantum transport in mesoscopic systemsZheng, Qingrong.; 鄭慶榮1998252
Weakly nonlinear quantum transport: An exactly solvable modelWang, J; Zheng, Q; Guo, H1997295
Wealth inequality in the minority gameHo, KH; Chow, FK; Chau, HF2004283
Weighted accelerated growth model of complex networksLeung, CC; Chau, HF2007125
Weighted assortative and disassortative networks modelLeung, CC; Chau, HF2007170
Wetting of GaN islands by excess Ga: Origin of different appearances of GaN islands in scanning tunneling microscopyZheng, H; Xie, MH; Wu, HS; Xue, QK2007130
Weyl fluid dark matter model tested on the galactic scale by weak gravitational lensingWong, KC; Harko, T; Cheng, KS; Gergely, LA201271
Weyl-Cartan-Weitzenbock gravity as a generalization of teleparallel gravityHaghani, Z; Harko, TC; Sepangi, HR; Shahidi, S201249
What causes step bunching - Negative Ehrlich-Schwoebel barrier versus positive incorporation barrierXie, MH; Leung, SY; Tong, SY2002106
Which unidentified EGRET sources are gamma-ray pulsars?Zhang, L; Cheng, KS199897
Why quantum bit commitment and ideal quantum coin tossing are impossibleLo, HK; Chau, HF1998107
Why quantum bit commitment and quantum coin tossing are impossible?Lo, HK; Chau, HF1996108
Why Quantum ComputationChau, HF200192
Wide band gap nanomaterials and their applicationsZhang, Shaolin; 張少林2009496
Wide band-gap nanostructure based devicesChen, Xinyi; 陈辛夷2012215
A wideband common-mode noise filter with a Mn-Zn ferrite and Cu/polyimide tape wound coil for switching power supplies used in electronic measuring instrumentsYanagisawa, K; Zhang, F; Sato, T; Yamasawa, K; Miura, Y200556
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