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P-GaN/ZnO nanorod heterojunction LEDs - Effect of carrier concentration in p-GaNNg, AMC; Chen, XY; Fang, F; Djurišić, AB; Chan, WK; Cheah, KW2011102
p-type ZnO nanowire arraysYuan, GD; Zhang, WJ; Jie, JS; Fan, X; Zapien, JA; Leung, YH; Luo, LB; Wang, PF; Lee, CS; Lee, ST200835
P3HT : PCBM Solar Cells - The Choice of Source MaterialNg, A; Liu, X; Jim, WY; Djurisic, A; Lo, KC; Li, SY; Chan, WK201315
Palatini formulation of modified gravity with a non-minimal curvature-matter couplingHarko, T; Koivisto, TS; Lobo, FSN2011124
Parallel Image Processing Algorithms for Coincidence Doppler Broadening SpectraNg, KP; Ho, KF; Cheng, VKW; Beling, CD; Woo, CM2002116
Parameter estimation in small extensive air showersChow, Chi-kin.; 周志堅1993254
Parametric electron pumping through a quantum dot in the Kondo regimeWang, B; Wang, J2002491
Parametric pumping at finite frequencyWang, B; Wang, J; Guo, H2002395
Parametric quantum spin pumpZheng, W; Wu, J; Wang, B; Wang, J; Sun, Q; Guo, H2003388
Parity anomaly of bound states and optical properties in semiconductor superlattices with structural defectsWang, XH; Gu, BY; Yang, GZ; Wang, J1998308
Parity of specular Andreev reflection under a mirror operation in a zigzag graphene ribbonXing, Y; Wang, J; Sun, QF2011290
Parity problem with a cellular automaton solutionLee, KM; Xu, H; Chau, HF2001315
Particle - Hole bound states of dipolar molecules in an optical latticeZhang, YC; Wang, HT; Shen, S; Liu, WM201314
Particle acceleration and non-thermal emission in the pulsar outer magnetospheric gapTakata, J; Chang, HK; Shibata, S2008555
Particle acceleration and the origin of gamma-ray emission from Fermi BubblesChernyshov, D; Cheng, KS; Dogel, V; Ko, CM; Ip, WH; Wang, Y201189
Particle creation in cosmological models with varying gravitational and cosmological "constants"Harko, T; Mak, MK1999115
Particle creation in varying speed of light cosmological modelsHarko, T; Mak, MK1999110
Particle propagation in the galactic center and spatial distribution of non-thermal x-raysDogiel, VA; Chernyshov, D; Yuasa, T; Cheng, KS; Bamba, A; Inoue, H; Ko, CM; Kokubun, M; Maeda, Y; Mitsuda, K; Nakazawa, K; Yamasaki, NY2009166
Particle-hole asymmetry in doped mott insulators: Implications for tunneling and photoemission spectroscopiesRanderia, M; Sensarma, R; Trivedi, N; Zhang, FC200599
Particle-number fractionalization of a one-dimensional atomic Fermi gas with synthetic spin-orbit couplingZhang, D; Shao, L; Xue, ZY; Yan, H; Wang, Z; Zhu, S201238
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