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Jacobi stability of the vacuum in the static spherically symmetric brane world modelsHarko, T; Sabau, VS2008186
Jahn-Teller effect and stability of the charge-ordered state in La1-xCaxMnO3 (0.5 <= x <= 0.9) manganitesLi, XG; Zheng, RK; Li, G; Zhou, HD; Huang, RX; Xie, JQ; Wang, Z2002373
Japanese VLBI network mapping of sio v = 3 J = 1-0 maser emission in W hydraeIma, H; Nakashima, JI; Deguchi, S; Yamauchi, A; Nakagawa, A; Nagayama, T201068
Jastrow-correlated wave functions for flat-band latticesWang, H; Scarola, VW201161
Jet-disturbed molecular gas near the Seyfert 2 nucleus in M 51Matsushita, S; Muller, S; Lim, J200792
Josephson current in a clean superconductor normal-metal superconductor junctionTang, HX; Wang, ZD; Zhang, Y1996122
Josephson dynamics of a spin-orbit-coupled Bose-Einstein condensate in a double-well potentialZhang, DW; Fu, LB; Wang, ZD; Zhu, SL2012163
Josephson effect in RVB superconductorsShen, Sq; Sun, Yf; Tao, Rb198952
Josephson junctions with a continually graded barrierGao, J; Sun Jinglan2002105
Josephson Junctions With A Continually Graded BarrierGao, Ju; Sun, Jinglan2004171
Journal ClubKwok, S200695
K-doping induced peak effect in melt-textured grown YBa2-xKxCu3Oy crystalsWang, Z; Zhang, H; Gao, J; Yang, T; Qiu, L; Yao, XX2002121
K-DV solutions as quantum potentials: isospectral transformations as symmetries and supersymmetriesKong, Cho-wing, Otto.; 江祖永.1990479
K-shell emission of neutral iron line from sagittarius B2 excited by subrelativistic protonsDogiel, V; Chernyshov, D; Koyama, K; Nobukawa, M; Cheng, KS2011121
Kagome antiferromagnet: A Schwinger-boson mean-field theory studyLi, P; Su, H; Shen, SQ2007156
A Keplerian circumbinary disk around the protostellar system L1551 NETakakuwa, S; Saito, M; Lim, J; Saigo, K; Sridharan, TK; Patel, NA2012111
Kinematic constraints on structuring of the optical emission-line nebula in NGC 1275Chan, Chi-chung, Jeffrey; 陳祉聰.2012116
Kinetic energy barriers on the GaN(0001) surface: A nucleation study by scanning tunneling microscopyZheng, H; Xie, MH; Wu, HS; Xue, QK2008169
Kinetics of first-order phase transitions: Monte Carlo simulations, renormalization-group methods, and scaling for critical quenchesMazenko, GF; Valls, OT; Zhang, FC198574
The Kondo effect of an adatom in graphene and its scanning tunneling spectroscopyLi, L; Ni, YY; Zhong, Y; Fang, TF; Luo, HG201328
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