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Calculation of Bulk Moduli of Carbon Nitride / Metal Nitride CompositesHou, Q; Gao, J1998110
Calculation of electron-positron momentum distribution in Si within the generalized gradient approximationLiming, W; Panda, BK; Beling, CD; Fung, SHY1996121
Calculation of the momentum distributions of positron annihilation radiation in GeLiMing, W; Panda, BK; Fung, S; Beling, CD1997108
A calculation of the photovoltage at the metal-semiconductor interfaceLing, CC; Chen, TP; Fung, S199353
Calculation of tunnel splitting in a biaxial spin particle with an applied magnetic fieldZhou, B; Shen, SQ; Liang, JQ2004550
Calculations of structure and shear viscosity for less simple liquid metalsZahid, F; Bhuiyan, GM; Khaleque, MA; Rashid, RIMA199959
Can accretion disk properties distinguish gravastars from black holes?Harko, T; Kovacs, Z; Lobo, FSN2009167
Can accretion disk properties observationally distinguish black holes from naked singularities?Kovacs, Z; Harko, TC2010124
Can dark matter be a Bose-Einstein condensate?Böhmer, CG; Harko, T2007162
Can interference patterns in the reflectance spectra of GaN epilayers give important information of carrier concentration?Zheng, CC; Xu, S; Zhang, F; Ning, J; Zhao, DG; Yang, H; Che, CM201293
Can stellar mass black holes be quark stars?Kovács, Z; Cheng, KS; Harko, T2009190
Can the galactic rotation curves be explained in brane world models?Mak, MK; Harko, TC2004321
Capacitance effect on microwave power spectra of spin-torque oscillator with thermal noiseZhou, Y; Shin, FG; Guan, B; Åkerman, J200967
Capacitance enhanced synchronization of pairs of spin-transfer oscillatorsZhou, Y; Bonetti, S; Persson, J; Åkerman, J200961
Capacitance measurement of single walled carbon nanotubesLi, Jun; 李君2010205
Capacitance of Atomic JunctionsWang, J; Guo, H; Mozos, JL; Wan, CC; Taraschi, G; Zheng, Q1998438
Capacitance switching in SiO 2 thin film embedded with Ge nanocrystals caused by ultraviolet illuminationYang, M; Chen, TP; Ding, L; Liu, Y; Zhu, FR; Fung, S2009275
Capacitance, induced charges, and bound states of biased carbon nanotube systemsPomorski, P; Pastewka, L; Roland, C; Guo, H; Wang, J2004390
Capture of a red giant by the black hole Sagittarius A* as a possible origin for the TeV gamma rays from the galactic centerLu, Y; Cheng, KS; Huang, YF200644
Carbon Film Coating Used in CdZnTe Crystal GrowthHou, Q; Gao, J; Wang, J; Chen, J1997143
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