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Band gap renormalization and carrier localization effects in InGaN/GaN quantum-wells light emitting diodes with Si doped barriersWang, YJ; Xu, SJ; Li, Q; Zhao, DG; Yang, H200666
Band offset of GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs heterojunctions from atomistic first principlesWang, Y; Zahid, F; Zhu, Y; Liu, L; Wang, J; Guo, H201332
Band structure effects on one-dimensional resonant tunneling in STM tips made of carbon nanotubesGao, J; Sun, Q; Xie, XC; Gao, H200679
Band structure renormalization and weak pseudogap behavior in Na0.33 Co O2: Fluctuation exchange study based on a single-band modelYao, ZJ; Li, JX; Wang, ZD2007230
Band structures and transport properties of zigzag graphene nanoribbons with antidot arraysZhang, YT; Li, QM; Li, YC; Zhang, YY; Zhai, F2010298
Barrier height change in very thin SiO2 films caused by charge injectionChen, TP; Liu, Y; Sun, CQ; Fung, S20021,186
Basic properties of gamma-ray loud blazarsCheng, KS; Fan, JH; Zhang, L1999127
Ba¨cklund transformations, the Painleve̓ property and some of their applicationsWong, Wing-tak; 黃永德1987309
BCS-BEC crossover induced by a synthetic non-Abelian gauge fieldVyasanakere, JP; Zhang, S; Shenoy, VB2011110
Beam optics studies for the planned hybrid electrostatic-magnetic guided slow positron beam in Hong KongLiMing, W; Melwani, SB; Beling, CD; Fung, S1995143
The Beaming Effect of Radiation Spectra from BlazarsZhang, L; Cheng, KS; Fan, JH1997129
Beaming effects in gamma-ray burst afterglowsHuang, YF; Lu, T; Dai, ZG; Cheng, KS200395
Beaming effects in GRBs and orphan afterglowsHuang, YF; Lu, T; Cheng, KS200596
Beaming effects in GRBs and orphan afterglowsHuang, YF; Lu, T; Cheng, KS2005103
The BEC-BCS Crossover: Some History and Some General ObservationsLeggett, AJ; Zhang, S201243
Berezinsky-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition in phase fluctuating superconductors with inhomogeneous Gaussian distributed couplingsChen, C; Chen, C; Chen, Y; Wang, ZD2011252
Berry phase and its induced charge and spin currents in a ring of a double-exchange systemLiang, SD; Shen, SQ; Wang, ZD1999296
Berry phase effect on exciton transport and bose einstein condensateYao, W; Niu, Q200979
Berry Phase Effect on Exciton Transport and Bose Einstein CondensationYao, W; Niu, Q2009198
Berry phase effect on the exciton transport and on the exciton Bose-Einstein condensateYao, W; Niu, Q200860
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