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110mAg root and foliar uptake in vegetables and its migration in soilShang, ZR; Leung, JKC2003240
1N expansion for the degenerate Anderson model in the mixed-valence regimeZhang, FC; Lee, TK1983107
2-Step self-assembly method to fabricate broadband omnidirectional antireflection coating in large scaleYeung, KM; Luk, WC; Tam, KC; Kwong, CY; Tsai, MA; Kuo, HC; Ng, AMC; Djurisic, AB2011381
3,4,9,10-Perylenetetracarboxylicdiimide as an interlayer for ultraviolet organic light emitting diodesNg, AMC; Djurišić, AB; Tam, KH; Cheng, KW; Chan, WK; Tam, HL; Cheah, KW; Lu, AW; Chan, J; Rakić, AD2008256
3,4,9,10-Perylenetetracarboxylicdiimide/ZnO hybrid nanomaterialsNg, AMC; Chen, XY; Fang, F; Djuriić, AB; Chan, WK2010584
4-11 Electrical characterization of defects at the gallium nitride based homo- and hetero-junctionsChen, X; Huang, Y; Ling, FCC; Fung, SHY; Beling, CD2005230
40-Hz coherent oscillations in neuronal systemsWang, W; Chen, G; Wang, ZD1997661
418 cm-1 Raman scattering from gallium nitride nanowires: Is it a vibration mode of N-rich Ga-N bond configuration?Ning, JQ; Xu, SJ; Yu, DP; Shan, YY; Lee, ST2007251
56Ni mixing in the outer layers of SN 1987AMitchell, RC; Baron, E; Branch, D; Lundqvist, P; Blinnikov, S; Hauschildt, PH; Pun, CSJ200188
654 GHz continuum and C 18O(6-5) observations of G240.31+0.07 with the submillimeter arrayChen, HR; Su, YN; Liu, SY; Hunter, TR; Wilner, DJ; Zhang, Q; Lim, J; Ho, PTP; Ohashi, N; Hirano, N2007103
A comparison between the northern and southern crests of the 'equatorial anomaly' within the Asian regionPoon, Chiu-bong, Edward.; 潘昭邦1976209
A model for the production of galactic gamma rays above 10 MeVChik, Kin-hang.; 戚堅鏗1982199
A Monte Carlo study of the statistical properties of gamma-ray pulsarsin the gould beltLeung, Po.; 梁寶2003334
A new method of studying the ground-state properties and elementary excitation spectrum of superfluid helium at very low temperatureChow, Wan-ki.; 周允基1982258
A new UHV cleavage-evaporation and analysis system for the study of metal-semiconductor contactsXu, Xiaoliang.; 許小亮1996353
A novel design of a variable energy positron lifetime beamChen, Dan; 陳丹2007253
A novel sliding mode control method for induction motor drivesWang, Huaqian.; 王化謙1995316
A numerical study of Hodgkin-Huxley neuronsChik, Tai-wai, David.; 戚大衛2000307
A prototype raindrop-size distrometer and its application to Hong KongrainsChan, Chung-leung, Johnny.; 陳仲良1976241
A real space approach to LEED computation with flexible local mesh refinementSong, Weihong.; 宋慰鴻.2004291
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