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K + channels in cultured bovine retinal pericytes: Effects of β-adrenergic stimulationQuignard, JF; Harley, EA; Duhault, J; Vanhoutte, PM; Félétou, M200381
K +-induced hyperpolarization in rat mesenteric artery: Identification, localization and role of Na +/K +-ATPasesWeston, AH; Richards, GR; Burnham, MP; Félétou, M; Vanhoutte, PM; Edwards, G200260
Kaempferol enhances endothelium-independent and dependent relaxation in the porcine coronary arteryXu, YC; Yeung, DKY; Man, RYK; Leung, SWS2006112
Kaempferol enhances endothelium-independent relaxation: The role of cAMP pathway and K+ channelsXu, YC; Leung, SWS; Vanhoutte, PMGR; Man, RYK200598
Kaempferol potentiated relaxation in porcine coronary arteries and stimulated large-conductance potassium channes in HUVECXu, YC; Leung, SWS; Leung, GPH; Vanhoutte, PMGR; Man, RYK200690
Kaempferol stimulates large conductance Ca 2+-activated K + (BK Ca) channels in human umbilical vein endothelial cells via a cAMP/PKA-dependent pathwayXu, YC; Leung, GPH; Wong, PYD; Vanhoutte, PM; Man, RYK200859
Kaempferol, a compound from chinese medicine Carthamus tinctorius, potentiated relaxation in porcine coronary arteries and activated potassium channel in HUVECXu, YC; Leung, SWS; Leung, GPH; Man, RYK200695
Kaempferol, a compound from chinese medicine, potentiated relaxation in porcine arteries via cAMP pathway and activation of potassium channelXu, Y; Leung, SWS; Leung, GPH; Man, RYK2006129
Kaempferol, a compound isolated from chinese medicine, cause direct and potentiated relaxation in porcine coronary arteries via the cAMP pathwayXu, YC; Leung, SWS; Man, RYK2004106
Kaempferol: a Flavonoid from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Potentiates Endothelium-Dependent and Independent RelaxationXu, YC; Leung, SWS; Man, RYK2003100
Ketanserin - a novel antihypertensive drugVanhoutte, PM; Van Nueten, JM198347
Ketanserin and vascular contractions in response to coolingVan Nueten, JM; De Ridder, W; Vanhoutte, PM198451
Ketanserin attenuates cigarette-mediated oxidative stress in human bronchial epithelial cellsLau, WKW; Law, ACK; Ip, MSM; Mak, JCW2010171
Ketanserin prevents early restenosis following percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplastyKlein, W; Eber, B; Dusleag, J; Rotman, B; Koltringer, P; Luha, O; Vanhoutte, PM199043
Ketanserin: A selective antagonist of 5-HT2 serotoninergic receptorsVan Nueten, JM; Leysen, JE; Schuurkes, JAJ; Vanhoutte, PM198341
KIAA0495/PDAM Is frequently downregulated in oligodendroglial tumors and its knockdown by siRNA induces cisplatin resistance in glioma cellsPang, JC-S; Li, KK-W; Lau, K-M; Ng, YL; Wong, J; Chung, NY-F; Li, H-M; Chui, Y-L; Lui, VWY; Chen, Z-P; Chan, DT-M; Poon, WS; Wang, Y; Mao, Y; Zhou, L; Ng, H-K201015
Kinins and endothelial control of vascular smooth muscleMombouli, JV; Vanhoutte, PM199562
Kinins and endothelium-dependent relaxations to converting enzyme inhibitors in perfused canine arteriesMombouli, JV; Vanhoutte, PM199143
Kinins and the vascular actions of converting enzyme inhibitors.Mombouli, JV; Vanhoutte, PM199442
Kinins mediate kallikrein-induced endothelium-dependent relaxations in isolated canine coronary arteriesMombouli, JV; Vanhoutte, PM199250
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