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A comparison of influenza binding to erythrocytes from different animal speciesNg, Tania Garhey.; 吳家熙.2012203
A histochemical study of normal and abnormal bile ductsChou, Sheung-to.; 周湘濤1967190
A rapid molecular testing system for differential diagnosis of myeloproliferative neoplasmsLeung, Kin-sang; 梁建生2012188
A serological study of Pseudomonas aeruginosa with its relation to hospital infectionTeoh Chan, Ching-haan.; 張陳靜嫻1967225
A study of BARX2 expression in esophageal squamous cell carcinomaLeung, Cheuk-man.; 梁卓文.2012146
A study of clonality of lymphoma of SJL mice using immunoglobulin generearrangements and murine leukaemia virus integrationTang, Cheuk-on.; 鄧焯安1996185
A study of DNA mutations in LDL receptor gene of Chinese patients withfamilial hypercholesterolaemiaWong, Kwok-kit, Sunny.; 黃國傑.1997210
A study of molecular and cell biology of prostate tumorigenesis in cell cultureLing, Ming-tat, Patrick.; 凌明達2000216
A study of MSH2 founder mutation in Hong Kong populationWong, Kwun-ping, Flora.; 黃冠萍2008159
ADAMTS13 assays in thrombotic microangiopathyLam, Wang-hoi.; 林宏凱.2012203
Allelic and molecular changes in multistep process of hepatocarcinogenesisNg, Oi-lin, Irene.; 呂愛蓮.2005285
Alpha pak interactive exchange factor as a prognostic and therapeutic target for ovarian cancerKong, Siu-hang, Daniel.; 江肇恒.2009176
An autopsy-based epidemiological study of road traffic fatalities in Hong Kong: crash type, injury severity andprospects for interventionKwong, Tse-hin, Glenn.; 鄺子憲.2004212
An autopsy-based retrospective study of injury patterns of homicides in Hong Kong: injury patterns, severity, andprediction of relationship with the offenderAu, Kwan-ip.; 歐堃燁.2008266
Analyses of influenza viral cytopathic effect in human lower respiratory tractWong, Chun-nin, Adam.; 黃春年.2008398
Analysis on chromosome 3p in smokers and non-smokers with non-small cell lung carcinomaLee, Man-yan.; 李敏茵2001289
Application of molecular genetic techniques to the study of major histocompatibility complex class II allelic associations with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in ChineseChang, Yea-wen.; 張雅雯.1997160
Application of p63 4A4 antibody in detection of cervical cancer and precursors in cytology samplesNg, Kin-man.; 伍建文.2009175
Association of DC-SIGN (CD209) gene polymorphisms with severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)Xu, Meishu.; 徐美術.2007200
BARF1 sequence analysis and functional significance in EBV-Related disordersLiu, Xuan; 劉絢2005397
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