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Zic2 synergistically enhances Hedgehog signalling through nuclear retention of Gli1 in cervical cancer cellsChan, DW; Liu, VWS; Leung, LY; Yao, KM; Chan, KKL; Cheung, ANY; Ngan, HYS2011402
α-1 antitrypsin phenotypes by isoelectric focusing in a metropolitan southern Chinese populationLee, SS; Lawton, JWM; Ko, KH; Lam, KM; Lin, CK2001236
β-catenin mutation and overexpression in hepatocellular carcinoma: Clinicopathologic and prognostic significanceWong, CM; Fan, ST; Ng, IOL2001292
β-Fibrinogen gene G/A-455 polymorphism in relation to fibrinogen concentrations and ischaemic heart disease in Chinese patients with Type II diabetesLam, KSL; Ma, OCK; Wat, NMS; Chan, LC; Janus, ED1999100
β-Glucan enhances antitumor immune responses by regulating differentiation and function of monocytic myeloid-derived suppressor cellsTian, J; Ma, J; Ma, K; Guo, H; Baidoo, SE; Zhang, Y; Yan, J; Lu, L; Xu, H; Wang, S201340
β-Thalassemia intermedia caused by compound heterozygosity for Hb Malay (β codon 19 AAC→AGC; Asn→Ser) and codons 41/42 (-CTTT) β0-thalassemia mutationMa, SK; Chow, EYD; Chan, AYY; Kung, NNS; Waye, JS; Chan, LC; Chui, DHK2000180
ΔNp73 expression is a potentially useful prognostic marker to predict development of persistent gestational trophoblastic neoplasia requiring chemotherapy in patients suffering from complete hydatidiform molesLeung, TW; Siu, KY; Li, AS; Wong, ESY; Cheung, ANY200788
Λ-Type doubling parameters for molecules in Δ electronic statesBrown, JM; Cheung, ASC; Merer, AJ198766
The ν1 and ν2 + ν4 bands in the infrared spectrum of HN3Cheung, ASC; Merer, AJ1988111
法醫學Beh, SL200493
移植肝的急性排斥反應Yang, ZF; Wang, WL; Lo, CM; Ng, IOL; Fan, ST199990
評估小組導修的協作效能Beh, SL200796
-Cheung, ANY201033
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