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L-Asparagine on strontium hydroxyapatite nanorods morphology and biocompatibilityLam, RWM; Wong, CT; Li, ZY; Luk, KDK; Cheung, KMC; Chiu, PKY; Xu, B; Chan, WK; Fang, D; Leong, JCY; Lu, WW2009125
Laboratory evaluation of new proximal inter-phalangeal joint implant designIp, WY2010163
Lack of association between the COL1A1 gene and bone mineral density in southern Chinese women: analysis of two polymorphisms in the upstream regulatory regionLau, HL; Ho, AYY; Luk, KDK; Kung, AWC200373
Lap belt injury in the pediatric patientShen, FH; Barr, M; Samartzis, D200868
A large-scale population-based study of modic changes of the lumbar spine.Mok, FP; Samartzis, D; Karppinen, JI; Fong, DYT; Luk, KDK; Cheung, KMC201218
Laser cladding of austenitic stainless steel using NiTi strips for resisting cavitation erosionChiu, KY; Cheng, FT; Man, HC2005191
The last defence? Surgical aspects of gouty arthritis of hand and wristTang, CKY; Fung, BKK201150
Lateral tibial condyle reconstruction by pedicled vascularized fibular head graft: Long-term resultAhmed, SK; Fung, BKK; Ip, WY; Chow, SP201185
LCS旋轉平台全膝關節置換術中是否需要達到正常力綫及脤骨假體是否需要使用骨水固定? 110例一期双側手術患者至少7年隨訪Yan, CH; Chiu, PKY; Ng, FY201158
LCS旋转平台全膝关节置换术中是否需要达到正常力线及胫骨假体柄是否需要使用骨水泥固定?: 110例一期双侧手术患者至少7年随访Yan, CH; Chiu, PKY; Ng, FY201161
Length and size of medial hamstring tendon graft in Southern ChineseYau, WP200974
Length and size of medial hamstring tendon graft in Southern ChineseYau, WP200950
Lenke's classification - pros and consLuk, KDK201217
Lessions learnt from the HKU degenerative disc disease cohort: implications for intervertebral disc repair and regenerationCheung, KMC201054
A lesson from the failure of intramedullary fixation of atypical subtrochanteric fracturesLUO, Q; Fang, CX; Shen, WY; Lau, TW; Leung, FKL201324
Lessons learnt from the development of an artificial finger jointChow, SP200669
Lessons learnt from the Hong Kong DDD cohort: MRI patterns and their clinical significanceCheung, K201049
Letter to Editor : Reconstruction of the iliofemoral ligament with an artificial ligament for recurrent anterior dislocation of total hip arthroplastyTang, WM; Chiu, PKY200487
Letter to editor: Assessment of the proximal femoral morphology using plain radiograph - Can it predict the bone quality?Yeung, Y; Chiu, PKY200772
Letter to editor: Variances in sagittal femoral shaft bowing in patterns undergoing TKATang, WM; Chiu, PKY200878
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