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Early complications and prevention in acetabular fracture surgeryLeung, KL200774
Early complications of acetabular fracturesLeung, KL200598
Early experience in computer-navigated high tibial osteotomy: a preliminary reportKuong, E; Ng, TP; Yau, WP200890
Early experience in implementation of a learning assessment toolkit in the AOTrauma Geriatric Fracture courseO'Malley, NT; Cunningham, M; Leung, F; Blauth, M; Kates, SL2011146
Early Experience of Minimally Invasive Surgery Total Knee Arthroplasty Performed with Computer NavigationNg, TP; Miu, YS; Chiu, PKY; Tang, WM; Yau, WP200775
Early experience of minimally invasive surgery total knee arthroplasty performed with computer navigationMiu, YS; Chiu, PKY200782
Early onset idiopathic scoliosis: juvenileLuk, KDK201219
Early radiological results of triple pelvic osteotomy for dysplastic hips in adolescentsUmrani, SP; To, MKT; Chow, W200999
Early result of meniscal repair with FasT-FixFok, AWM; Yau, WP201179
Early Results of all-inside meniscal repairs using a pre-loaded suture anchor.Fok, AWM; Yau, WP201335
Early results of the effect of lack of collagen X on fracture healingKaluarachchi, TKPK; Cheung, KMC; Lam, SP; Lu, WW; Kwan, KM; Andrew, G; Cheah, KSE199765
ECG cancellation for surface electromyography measurement using independent component analysisHu, Y; Mak, J; Liu, H; Luk, KDK2007108
Ectopic bone formation from Polymer-encapsulated osteogenic cellsLu, WW; Abbah, SA; Cheung, KMC; Chan, D; Li, ZY; Leong, JCY; Luk, KDK2005104
EditorialYau, P200981
Editorial - Total hip arthroplasty - Articles published in the Journal 1999 - 2001Chiu, PKY200165
Editorial note on: Diagnostic value of diffusion-weighted MR imaging for acute stage of spine cord injuryHu, Y201271
Editorial: non-fusion surgeries of the cervical spineLuk, KDK200866
Effect of a laser acupuncture therapy on treating painWong, W; Xiao, SJ; Ip, WY; Guo, X200072
Effect of a lash acupuncture therapy on treating painWong, W; Xiao, SJ; Ip, WY200077
Effect of block order of ABA- and BAB-type NIPAAm/HEMA triblock copolymers on thermoresponsive behavior of solutionsZhao, X; Liu, W; Chen, D; Lin, X; Lu, WW2007184
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