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Obesity can benefit survival - a 9-year prospective study in 1614 Chinese nursing home residentsLee, JSW; Auyeung, TW; Chau, PH; Hui, E; Chan, FHW; Chi, I; Woo, J201415
Obesity: Attitudes of undergraduate student nurses and registered nursesPoon, MY; Tarrant, M2009269
Objective Structured Clinical Skills Evaluation (OSCE) in Undergraduate Advanced Nursing Critical Care Education to assess their performance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR): Chinese students’ experienceKong, CHM; Cheung, WK201333
Objectively-measured neighborhood environments and leisure-time physical activity in Chinese urban eldersCerin, E; Lee, KY; Barnett, A; Sit, HP; Cheung, MC; Chan, WM201333
Obstructive sleep apnea and the metabolic syndrome in community-based Chinese adults in Hong KongLam, JCM; Lam, B; Lam, Cl; Fong, D; Wang, JKL; Tse, Hf; Lam, KSL; Ip, MSM200678
Occupational stress, mental health status and stress management behaviors among secondary school teachers in Hong KongLeung, SSK; Wah Mak, Y; Yu Chui, Y; Chiang, VCL; Lee, ACK2009206
Older adults' contributions to gerontological education in medical faultyLeung, AYM201163
Older adults’ involvement in the development of health literacy materials: findings from cognitive interviewsLeung, AYM200961
On The Analysis Of Paired Quality Of Life Data: Was There A Change?Fong, DYT200665
One year after the implementation of the smoke-free legislation in Hong Kong: a qualitative studyChan, SSC; Leung, YP; Leung, GM; Lam, TH2009105
An Online Learning Platform for Dementia Health Literacy among Five Disciplines: Challenges in ImplementationLeung, AYM20138
Online support for teachers’ stress management: feasibility and potentialsChiang, VCL; Leung, SSK; Chui, YY; Lee, ACK; Mak, YW2010139
Ophthalmic randomized controlled trials reports: the statement of the hypothesisLee, CF; Cheng, ACO; Fong, DYT201419
An opportunity to intervene smoking fathers in early stage of readiness to quit.Chan, SSC; Chong, SY; Chan, SCC; Emmons, KM; Leung, GM; Leung, AYM; Leung, SSL; Lam, TH200672
Optimizing the treatment of tobacco dependency in the elderly - Social workers as change agentsChan, SSC; Lam, TH; Leung, GM; Abdullah, ASM; Chan, KK; Chi, I; Ng, C200397
Oral care practice in cancer nursingYip, Shuaih-yee, Bethia.; 葉率意.2006151
Oral health among community-dwelling Chinese older adults seeking long-term care services in Hong KongLeung, DYP; Leung, AYM; Chi, I201161
An osteoporosis screening tool for Chinese menLynn, HS; Lau, EMC; Wong, SYS; Hong, AWL200568
Outcome of a web-based statistic laboratory for teaching and learning of medical statisticsWong, Sik-kwan, Francis.; 黃式鈞2009190
Outcome-based education in a community public health course of a baccalaureate nursing programmeChiang, VCL; Mak, YW; Leung, SSK; Leung, AYM; Chan, SL2010107
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