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Early recognition of anxiety disorders in general population and nursing interventionTiwari, AFY200674
Early skin-to-skin contact for mothers with uncomplicated vaginal deliveries and their healthy full-term infantsTang, Wai-wo.; 鄧蕙和2009299
Early supported discharge program for stroke patientsKwok, Wing-yee, Eunice.; 郭穎怡2008341
East meets West: the authors replyDodgson, JE; Melby, CS; Tarrant, AM; Rubin , C200999
Educating health professionals in smoking cessation: A pioneer programme in Hong Kong.Chan, SSC; Lam, TH; Hedley, AJ; Abdullah, ASM; Yu, M200161
The Education of Child Health Nurses: A Pionneer Experience in Hong KongChan, SSC199758
The Education of Child Health Nurses: A Pioneer Programme in Hong KongChan, SSC200276
Educational and promotional guidelines to improve influenza vaccine coverage of health care workersYuen, Yuet-sheung, Carol.; 袁月嫦2009228
The effect of a childbirth psychoeducation program on postnatal depressionNgai, FW; Chan, WCS2011133
The effect of alcohol drinking on erectile dysfunction in Chinese menLee, ACK; Ho, LM; Yip, AWC; Fan, S; Lam, TH2010173
Effect of an advocacy intervention on mental health in Chinese women survivors of intimate partner violence: A randomized controlled trialTiwari, A; Fong, DYT; Yuen, KH; Yuk, H; Pang, P; Humphreys, J; Bullock, L2010274
The effect of an education program on pain management and post –operative outcome of Chinese patients with traumatic fracture limb undergoing surgery.Wong, EML; Chan, S200779
The Effect Of An Educational Intervention On Patients With Fractured Limb Undergoing SurgeryWong, EML; Chan, S.; Chair, S.Y.200877
Effect of behavioral therapy on urinary incontinence among community-dwelling older womenWong, Chi-Kuan, Ada.; 黃智君2008210
The effect of health-related quality of life on health service utilization and willingness to pay for treatment of Chinese with chronic hepatitis B infectionLam, ETP; Lam, CLK; Lai, CL; Yuen, RMF; Fong, DYT; So, TMK2009285
Effect of massage therapy in reducing signs of stress on premature infantsLai, Ching-hung; 黎靜虹201334
The effect of positioning on back discomfort experienced by Chinese patients after coronary angiographyChair, SY; Chan, SSC200171
Effect of positioning on back pain after coronary angiographyChair, SY; TaylorPiliae, RE; Lam, G; Chan, S2003223
The effect of pre-operative psychological interventions on post-operative outcomes in Chinese women having an elective hysterectomyCallaghan, P; Li, HC200289
The effect of pre-operative psychological interventions on post-operative outcomes of patients having hysterectomyLi, WHC199910
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