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A nurse-initiated nasogastric tube replacement protocol for adults receiving artificial nutrition to improve the efficiency of AED servicesLam, Wing-hang; 林詠恆201335
A process of change: abused women's decision to stay in or leave their abusive relationshipsWong, Yuen-ha.; 黃婉霞2006204
A professional support intervention to increase the rate and duration of exclusive breastfeedingChan, Pak-yan.; 陳柏茵2009339
A randomized controlled trial of a family intervention in reducing secondhand smoke exposure to infants under 18-monthsYau, Pui-lam, Josephine.; 游貝琳.2011259
A school-based, peer-led anti-smoking programme for adolescentsLee, Wai-chee, Karen.; 李為慈.2010275
A self-management programme for older adults with age-related macular degeneration (AMD)Young, Ping.; 葉萍.2012193
A Site Maintenance Care (SMC) guideline to reduce the occurrence of phlebitis among the adults with peripheral intravenous therapyChang, Mei-yan.; 張美欣.2010318
A smoking cessation intervention for patients undergoing elective surgeryLi, Qiu; 李秋2009161
A study on health literacy and its relationship with vitamin D supplement among Chinese older adultsCheung, Kwun-ting.; 張冠庭.2012156
A study on second and third hand smoke exposure and self-protection behaviors among sick school-aged children in Guangzhou, ChinaZhou, Xuan; 周璇2013140
A study on smokers' motivation to reduce and quit smokingChung, Wai-ming.; 鍾慧明.2006289
A study on smoking and erectile functionYuen, Ming-kee.; 袁明基.2005146
A study on the perceptions and behaviour on smoking cessation among patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD) hospitalized in a smoke-free hospital in Beijing, ChinaZhang, Jingyu; 张京煜2009247
A survey of nurses' preventive measures and health status in relation to the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) epidemic in Hong KongWong, W. M., Wendy; 黃慧雯2006151
A survey of the incidence and causal factors related to occupational back pain in operating theatre nurses in a general acute hospital inHong KongMan, Mei-fun.; 文美芬.2005183
A systematic review on integrated care pathway for children who need surgical interventionChung, Yuk-lan, Ida.; 鍾玉蘭.2006238
A systematic review on quality of life for patients underwent cardiac rehabilitation programsHui, Tze-shau.; 許子修.2007197
A therapeutic play program for children undergoing day surgeryLee, Hiu-tan, Margaret.; 李曉彤2009195
A weight management programme for obese children: parent-only family-based approachLum, Lai-chun; 林麗珍2009302
Abused women in Hong Kong: the nature of their abuse and the effect of abuse on their quality of lifeYeung, Wai-kwan.; 楊慧群2002727
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