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W7, a Calmodulin Antagonist, Directly Blocks Human Ether a-go-go Related Gene Potassium Channels Stable Expressed in HEK 293 CellsZhang, X; Jin, MW; Li, GR2008104
Waist Circumference as a Predictor of Cardiovascular Risk in the Hong Kong Cardiovascular Risk Factor Prevalence Study-2 (CRISPS2)Cheung, BMY; Wat, NMS; Man, YU BUN; Tam, S; Cheng, CH; Leung, GM; Woo, JEAN; Janus, EDWARD D; Lau, CP; Lam, TH; Lam, KSL200685
Warfarin associated intracerebral hemorrhage in Hong Kong ChineseTeo, K C; Mahboobani, N R; Lee, R; Siu, DCW; Cheung, RTF; Ho, SL; Lau, GKK; Chan, KH201429
Warfarin interactions with Chinese traditional medicines: Danshen and methyl salicylate medicated oil [2]Tam, LS; Chan, TYK; Leung, WK; Critchley, JAJH199589
Water metabolism, hyponatraemia, and hypernatraemiaChan, DTM2006156
The way forwardLam, TP1996154
Weber-Christian disease and pituitary dysfunction in a patient with polymyositis [8]Jin, O; Sun, LY; Lau, CS200483
Week 48 analysis of a Phase IIB study of the efficacy and safety of LB80380 vs. entecavir in treatment-naive patients with chronic Hepatitis BLai, CL; Ahh, SH; Lee, KS; Um, SH; Cho, M; Yoon, SK; Lee, JW; Park, NH; Kweon, YO; Sohn, JH; Lee, J; Kim, JA; Han, KH; Yuen, MF2011106
Weight gain and methods of feeding: a retrospective cohort study of the Hong Kong Chinese infantsTang, Mei-po.; 鄧美寶.2004281
Well-differentiated epithelial thyroid cancer management in the Asia Pacific region: A report and clinical practice guidelineSundram, F; Robinson, BG; Kung, A; LimAbrahan, MA; Bay, NQ; Chuan, LK; Chung, JH; Huang, SM; Hsu, LC; Kamaruddin, N; Cheah, WK; Kim, WB; Koong, SS; Lin, HD; Mangklabruks, A; PazPacheco, E; Rauff, A; Ladenson, PW2006136
'Western' or 'Asian' intravascular large B-cell lymphoma?Yeung, CK; Trendell-Smith, NL; Mak, HKF; Lam, CCK; Kwong, YL200973
What about supplements for osteoarthritis? A critical and evidenced-based reviewVista, ES; Lau, CS2011177
What are the non-biomedical reasons which make family doctors over-prescribe antibiotics for upper respiratory tract infection in a mixed private/public Asian setting?Lam, TP; Lam, KF2003185
What can family physicians do for the unemployed?Lam Tai Pong1998104
What do family medicine trainees say about their training?Wun, YT; Lam, TP; Tsang, LCY2003237
What do Hong Kong fishermen expect when they consult their family doctors?Lam, TP199865
What else do medical graduate wish they had studied in medical schoolChan, LK; Ip, MSM; Patil, NG; Prosser, MT2010254
What I didn't deliverChen, JY200865
What is 'Family Medicine' in the Asia Pacific region?Lam, TP200381
What is a 'doctor'?Lam, TP1994102
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