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X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analysis of ion beam sputter deposited calcium phosphate coatingWang, CX; Chen, ZQ; Wang, M200180
An XML implementation for data exchange of heterogeneous object modelsKou, X; Tan, ST2009109
Young's and shear moduli of ceramic particle filled polyethyleneWang, M; Berry, C; Braden, M; Bonfield, W199886
Zero energy and zero carbon buildings: myths and factsHui, SCM2010193
α-Dissipativity analysis of singular time-delay systemsFeng, Z; Lam, J; Gao, H2011113
ℋ ∞ model reduction for discrete time-delay systems: Delay-independent and dependent approachesGao, H; Lam, J; Wang, C; Xu, S200478
ℋ∞ and ℒ2/ℒ∞ model reduction for system input with sector nonlinearitiesLam, J; Gao, H; Xu, S; Wang, C200571
ℋ∞ model approximation for discrete-time Markovian jump systems with mode-dependent time delaysWang, Q; Lam, J200564
探讨炎热和潮湿气候的可持续建筑科技Hui, SCM200898
斜向波與任意多個長水平圓柱的相互作用Shen, Y.M; Zheng, Y.H; Ng, CO2007129
為城市環境設計之微型風力發電機系統Leung, YC; Leung, MKH; Gambarota, L; Deng, Y2011240
環保建築, 綠帽罩大屋Hui, SCM201264
節能建築, 大有可為Hui, SCM201297
香港中學文憑考試: 物理精讀 3Chau, HF; Wong, CM; Ng, TK; Leung, YC; Leung, KH; Yu, KW2011193
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