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1+1>2: Extraordinary fluid conductivity enhancementWei, X; Wang, L2009720
10 years of Autogas in Hong KongTyler, D; Leung, DYC201190
100 nm metallic checkerboard by wafer-scale nanoimprint and its application in surface enhanced Raman spectroscopyLi, WD; Wang, C; Chou, SY2010171
<102> Oriented dislocations with <001> burgers vector in NiAl single crystalsMeng, XK; Ngan, AHW; Liu, ZG1996311
(2 + 1) dimensional wave patterns of the Davey-Stewartson systemChow, KW; Mak, CC2003156
2009 IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence for Measurement Systems and Applications, CIMSA 2009: Message from the chairsChen, Y; Alippi, C; Ruspini, E; Li, HX; Scotti, F2009100
2D numerical simulation of ocean wavesDu, Q; Leung, DYC2011321
2D Simulation of Ventilation and Pollutant Removal in Urban Street CanyonsShui, P; Liu, CH; Li, Y2009302
3-D ferroelectric domain reversal mechanismShi, Y; Hong, L; Soh, AK2010640
360-deg profilometry: new techniques for display and acquisitionAsundi, A; Chan, CS; Sajan, MR19941,231
3D co-culture of human osteoarthristis chondrocyte and mesenchymal stem cellsDiao, H; Yan, CH; Chan, BP201290
A 3D collagen microsphere culture system for GDNF-secreting HEK293 cells with enhanced protein productivityWong, HL; Wang, MX; Cheung, PT; Yao, KM; Chan, BP2007273
3D FEA of high-performance polyethylene fiber reinforced maxillary denturesCheng, YY; Li, JY; Fok, SL; Cheung, WL; Chow, TW2010236
3D matrix adhesions mediating mechanostranduction in hMSC-collagen constructsLi, TCW; Chan, BP2010148
3D matrix adhesions mediating mechanotransduction in hMSC collagen constructsLi, TCW; Chan, BP2010115
3D numerical modeling of non-isotropic turbulent buoyant helicoidal flow and heat transfer in a curved open channelShen, YM; Ng, CO; Ni, HQ2003225
A bio-feedback rehabilitation system for neuromuscular recovery on elbow joint movementZheng, Tao; 郑涛2011499
A collagen microencapsulation : assisted stem cell-based approach for treating degenerative disc diseaseYuan, Minting; 袁敏婷201257
A comparative study of Galerkin mesh-free and finite element methodsLiang, Xiaodong.; 梁?東.2004710
A conic-section simulation analysis of two-dimensional fracture problems using finite element methodLau, Kwok-jing.; 劉國楨1975244
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