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A ductile damage model based on endochronic theory and its applicationto ductile failure analysisChen, Xingfu.; 陳幸福1993341
A generalized beam on elastic foundation model for fracture studiesLiu, Tak-wing.; 廖德榮1988298
A haptic-based approach for the conceptual design of multi-material productsFu, Yongxiao.; 傅永霄.2008216
A microstructural study of warm rolled interstitial free steelQuadir, Md. Zakaria.2003285
A novel thermomechanical treatment process for enhancing gamma fibre texture recrystallisation componentsLam, Kai-tung, George.; 林繼棟2002189
A numerical study of coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations arising in hydrodynamics and opticsTsang, Suk-chong.; 曾淑莊.2003538
A numerical study on turbulent oscillatory plane Couette flowHo, Wai-man; 何慧敏2004498
A performance evaluation for a solar powered absorption air conditioning system in Hong KongYuen, Po-ki.; 阮寶祺.1992451
A real-time surface EMG topographic system for lumbar muscular function detectionKwok, Wai-lun.; 郭偉麟.2012185
A regional atmospheric dispersion model for Daya Bay Nuclear Power StationChing, Ming-kam, Eric.; 程明錦1990289
A statistical study on incipient plasticity of metalsZuo, Le.; 左樂2007334
A study of crack initiation and crack growth in elastic and elastic-plastic materials using J-integral methodKuruppu, Mahinda Dharmasiri.1983204
A study of displacement ventilation systems for use in Hong KongLee, Chun-kwong.; 李振光.1998293
A study of passive sampling and modelling techniques for urban air pollution determinationWong, Ming-hong, Daniel.; 黃明康.1999317
A study of tool life and machinability parameters in high speed milling of hardened die steelsNiu, Caotan.; 牛草坛.2007365
A study of transverse wavesDeng, Limei; 鄧麗梅2005167
A study on the improvement of marine diesel engine transient performance by means of air injectionWei, Fang; 魏昉2005320
A study on the performance of proton-exchange-membrane fuel cells and solar electrolysis for hydrogen productionLui, Wan-yin.; 呂韻{21394e}.2003763
A study to determine a practical technology for manufacturing components made of a multiphase perfect materialWang, Feng; 王楓2007271
A theoretical and experimental investigation on the aerodynamic behaviour of two dimensional cascade flowLee, Lan-yee, Francis.; 李蘭意1968270
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