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Ultrafilters and topologiesWong, Ngai-ying.; 黃毅英1981344
A unified 'bang-bang' principle with respect to R-invariant performance benchmarksYam, SCP; Yung, SP; Zhou, W201226
A unified approach to box-mengerian hypergraphsChen, X; Chen, Z; Zang, W2010417
Uniqueness theorems of Kähler metrics of semipositive bisectional curvature on compact Hermitian symmetric spacesMok, N198744
Uniruled projective manifolds with irreducible reductive G-structuresHwang, JM; Mok, N1997147
Unitary space-time constellation analysis: An upper bound for the diversityHan, G; Rosenthal, J200680
Upper bound analysis of diversity for unitary space time constellationsHan, G; Rosenthal, J200477
An upper bound for ramsey numbersLi, Y; Rousseau, CC; Zang, W200465
Upper bounds on n-dimensional Kloosterman sumsCochrane, T; Liu, MC; Zheng, Z2004206
Use mean shift to track neuronal axons in 3DCai, H; Xu, X; Lu, J; Lichtman, JW; Yung, SP; Wong, STC2006120
Using nonlinear diffusion and mean shift to detect and connect cross-sections of axons in 3D optical microscopy imagesCai, H; Xu, X; Lu, J; Lichtman, J; Yung, SP; Wong, STC200894
A valuation model for perpetual convertible bonds with markov regime-switching modelsSong, N; Jiao, Y; Ching, WK; Siu, TK; Wu, ZY2009263
A variant of Jessen's inequality and generalized meansCheung, WS; Matković, A; Pečarić, J2006220
Variations and uniform compactifications of fibers on Stein spacesChan, Shu-fai.; 陳澍輝.2006219
Varieties of minimal rational tangents on uniruled projective manifoldsHwang, JM; Mok, N1999100
Various coloring problems on plane graphsLi, Ching-man; 李靜文2007305
A vector - host epidemic modelChing, WK; Chung, SK; Lau, YK; Ng, TW; Yung, SP2002127
Viscosity Solution of Nonlinear H-infinity ControlYung, SP; Hong, YG; Mei, SW; Qin, HS1997128
Viscosity solution to nonlinear H∞ controlHong, Y; Yung, S; Mei, S; Qin, H199756
Waring-Goldbach problem for unlike powersRen, XM; Tsang, KM200782
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