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Kernel techniques in support vector machines for classification of biological dataJiang, H; Ching, WK; Zheng, Z2011122
Korovkin approximation in function spacesYeung, Man-chung.; 楊文聰1990273
Kronecker product approximations for image restoration with reflexive boundary conditionsNagy, JG; Ng, MK; Perrone, L2003720
A large sieve inequality of elliott-montgomery-vaughan type for automorphic forms and two applicationsLau, YK; Wu, J2008134
Large values of error terms of a class of arithmetical functionsLau, YK; Tsang, KM2002130
The large values of the Riemann zeta-functionTsang, KM1993111
Least cost route planning DSS for telecommunication operatorsChu, SCK; Lam, SS2008157
Lie's theory on solvability of ordinary differential equationsChoy, Chak-ngok.; 蔡澤鍔1997210
Lifting schemes for wavelet filters of trigonometric vanishingmomentsCheng, Ho-Yin.; 鄭浩賢.2002459
Limit theorems for the sample entropy of hidden Markov chainsHan, G2011109
Limit theorems in hidden Markov modelsHan, G201321
Linear and nonlinear instabilities in rotating cylindrical Rayleigh-Bénard convectionLi, L; Liao, X; Chan, KH; Zhang, K200883
A linear control model for gene intervention in a genetic regulatory networkZhang, SQ; Ng, MK; Ching, WK; Akutsu, T2005407
The linear coordinate preserving problemGong, SJ; Yu, JT200875
Linear coordinates, test elements, retracts and automorphic orbitsGong, Shengjun.; 龔勝軍.2008213
Linear geometry of subspaces in a Euclidean spaceYuen, Tai-kwok.; 袁泰國1973242
Linear maps preserving permutation and stochastic matricesTsing, NK; Li, CK; Tam, BS2002164
Linear maps preserving the spectrum?Chin, Wai-yi.; 錢慧儀.2000227
Linear maps relating different unitary similarity orbits of different generalized numerical rangesLi, CK; Tsing, NK1995114
Linear maps relating different unitary similarity orbits or different generalized numerical rangesLi, CK; Tsing, NK199568
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