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Half-quadratic regularization for MRI image restorationDeriche, R; Kornprobst, P; Nikolova, M; Ng, KP2003671
Half-quadratic regularization, preconditioning and applicationsNg, KP2001588
Hamilton paths in toroidal graphsThomas, R; Yu, X; Zang, W200564
Harmonic forms with values in locally constant Hilbert bundlesMok, N1995138
Harmonic maps in Kähler geometryLo, Kwai-wing, Eric.; 盧貴榮1997447
Height functions on elliptic curves over function fields: a differential-geometric approachChen, Cangxiong.; 陈仓雄.2011235
Hermitian metric with constant holomorphic sectional curvature on convex domainsCheung, WS; Wong, B2000195
Heuristic algorithm for printed circuit board assembly problemNg, MKP; Chu, SCK1995136
A heuristic algorithm for the inner-city multi-drop container loading problemPan, L; Chu, SCK; Han, G; Huang, JZ2011117
A Heuristic Method for Generating Probabilistic Boolean Networks from a Prescribed Transition Probability MatrixChing, WK; Chen, X; Leung, HY; Tsing, NK2008120
Heuristics algorithm for printed circuit board assembly problemNg, KP; Chu, SCK199594
Hidden Markov Model for the Detection of Machine Failure (in CD-ROM)Tai, AHL; Ching, WK; Chan, PLY2006185
Hidden Markov ModelsThe University of Hong Kong; Ching, Wai Ki2004376
Hidden Markov models and their applications to customer relationship managementChing, WK; Ng, MK; Wong, KK200487
Hidden Markov Models for Default RiskChing, WK; Leung, HY; Jiang, H; Wu, ZY2009210
High-dimensional Markov chain models for categorical data sequences with applicationsFung, Siu-leung.; 馮紹樑.2006262
A high-order Markov-switching model for risk measurementSiu, TK; Ching, WK; Fung, E; Ng, M; Li, X2009209
High-resolution image reconstruction from rotated and translated low-resolution images with multisensorsWen, YW; Ng, MK; Ching, WK200486
Higher order conservation laws and a higher order Noether's theoremCheung, WS198770
Higher-order hidden markov models with applications to DNA sequencesChing, WK; Fung, ES; Ng, MK2004142
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