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G-invariant norms and G(c)-radiiLi, CK; Tsing, NK199186
G-structures on irreducible Hermitian symmetric spaces of rank >= 2 and deformation rigidityMok, N1999332
Galerkin Projection Methods for Solving Multiple Linear SystemsNg, MKP; Chan, TF1999751
Game theory and stochastic queueing networks with applications to service systemsChoi, Sin-man.; 蔡倩雯.2010609
Generalizations of Grillet's theorem on maximal stable sets and maximal cliques in graphsZang, W199563
Generalizations of Hölders inequalityCheung, WS2001165
Generalizations of Opial-type inequalities in two variablesCheung, WS1991183
Generalized PSK in space-time codingHan, G200596
Generalized spectral norms of Hilbert space operatorsTu, Choi-nai, Charlies.; 邱彩娜1997202
The generalized theorem of Castelnuovo-de Franchis for unitary representationsMok, N1997116
Generating probabilistic Boolean networks from a prescribed stationary distributionZhang, SQ; Ching, WK; Chen, X; Tsing, NK2010223
Generating probabilistic Boolean networks from a prescribed transition probability matrixChing, WK; Chen, X; Tsing, NK2009196
Generating Shift Crew-DutiesChu, SCK200487
Generating, scheduling and rostering of shift crew-duties: Applications at the Hong Kong International AirportChu, SCK200781
Generation of Fixed-Length Duties by Goal ProgrammingChu, SCK; Chu, SCK; So, MC2003115
Generic, almost primitive and test elements of free Lie algebrasMikhalev, AA; Umirbaev, U; Yu, JT200264
A Genetic Algorithm for Optimal Control of Probabilistic Boolean NetworksChing, WK; Leung, HY; Tsing, NK; Zhang, S2008110
Geometric phases in the quantisation of bosons and fermionsWu, S201187
A geometric proof of a theorem on antiregularity of generalized quadranglesPun, AY; Wong, PPW2012145
Geometric quantization of fermions and complex bosonsHsu, Siu-fai.; 許紹輝.201385
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