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f-Factors in bipartite (mf)-graphsLiu, G; Zang, W2004149
Faber polynomials and poincaré seriesKane, B201115
Face polynomials and inversion formulaYu, J199271
Facial structure of the trace classChan, JT1995110
Facing the change and meeting the challenge: Mathematics curriculum of Tongwen Guan in China in the second half of the nineteenth centuryChan, YC; Siu, MK201269
Factor algebras of free algebras: On a problem of G. BergmanShpilrain, V; Yu, JT200364
Factorization of proper holomorphic maps on irreducible bounded symmetric domains of rank ≥ 2Mok, N; Ng, SC; Tu, ZH2010296
Factorization of semisimple discrete representations of Kähler groupsMok, N199251
Factorizations of finite mappings on riemann surfacesWang, Mingxi; 汪明晰2007338
Factorized banded inverse preconditioners for matrices with Toeplitz structureLin, FR; Ng, MK; Ching, WK2005888
Families of polarized abelian varietiesAu, Wai-man.; 歐偉民1997210
Families of polarized abelian varieties and a construction of Kähler metrics of negative holomorphic bisectional curvature on KodairasurfacesTsui, Ho-yu.; 徐浩宇.2006302
A Fast Algorithm for Deblurring Models with Neumann Boundary ConditionsNg, MKP; Chan, RH; Tang, WC1999757
A fast algorithm for the spread of HIV in a system of prisonsChing, WK; Cong, Y; Ng, TW; Tai, AH2007128
Fast algorithms for l1 norm/mixed l1 and l2 norms for image restorationFu, H; Ng, MK; Nikolova, M; Barlow, J; Ching, WK2005274
Fast direct methods for Toeplitz least squares problemsNg, KP1996265
Fast image reconstruction algorithms combining half-quadratic regularization and preconditioningNikolova, M; Ng, KP2001586
Fast inversion of triangular Toeplitz matricesLin, FR; Ching, WK; Ng, MK2004145
Fast iterative methods for image restorationKwan, Chun-kit.; 關進傑.2000466
Fast iterative methods for solving Toeplitz and Toeplitz-like systemsNg, Kwok-po.; 吳國寶.1992201
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