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D-resultant for rational functionsGutierrez, J; Rubio, R; Yu, JT200280
The D-resultant, singularities and the degree of unfaithfulnessVan Den Essen, A; Yu, JT199772
Data and GP modeling framework for manpower planning: The case of fixed-length dutiesChu, SCK; Zhu, M2008145
Data and optimization modeling for manpower planning of an airport baggage serviceChu, SCK; Zhu, M2007186
Data mining algorithms for genomic analysisAo, Sio-iong.; 區小勇.2007455
Data Modeling in Hospital Lift System SimulationChu, SCK2001100
Decomposed network and heuristic approach for rail transport crew scheduling systemChan, Cheuk-ho.; 陳卓豪.1997177
Deconvolution of positron annihilation coincidence Doppler broadening spectra using an iterative projected Newton method with non-negativity constraintsHo, KF; Beling, CD; Fung, S; Cheng, VKW; Ng, MK; Yip, AM2003511
Deformation rigidity of the 20-dimensional F4-homogeneous space associated to a short rootHwang, J; Mok, N2004124
Deformation rigidity of the rational homogeneous space associated to a long simple rootHwang, JM; Mok, N2002323
Degeneration of moduli spaces and generalized theta functionsSun, X2000156
Degree bounds for inverses of polynomial automorphismsCheng, C; Wang, SSS; Yu, J199491
Degree bounds of minimal polynomials and polynomial automorphismsYu, JT199477
Degree estimate for commutatorsDrensky, V; Yu, JT200962
Degree estimate for subalgebras generated by two elementsMakarLimanov, L; Yu, JT200875
Degrees bounds for minimal polynomials and polynomial automorphismsYu, J199490
Delay Discrete Dynamical Models for Genetic Regulatory NetworksJiang, H; Ching, WK; Aoki-Kinoshita, KF; Guo, D2010218
Delay integral inequalities of a coupled system on time scales with applicationsMa, QH; Ma, YC; Cheung, WS; Pečarić, J2012162
Density estimates on composite polynomialsCheung, WS; Ng, TW; TSANG, CY201317
A density theorem on automorphic L-functions and some applicationsLau, YK; Wu, J2006254
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